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noisereductions 05.20.2009 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by Schizophrenia

damn I need to get this one. My Residents list of "to get soon" albums is long.

Danny Himself 05.20.2009 08:02 AM


noisereductions 05.20.2009 08:24 AM

^I dont know what that is. But I like the cover.

Danny Himself 05.20.2009 09:05 AM

2006's Summer Sensation EP by Be Your Own Pet- part of the band's hype machine leading up to their debut album release. I'm glad I snatched it up when I had the chance, back then, since I've never seen it for sale since. It has a mega-superior recording of their song 'Bicycle Bicycle', among other things.

I like the cover too.

sonic sphere 05.20.2009 09:48 AM

the exploited-troops of tomorrow

afterthefact 05.20.2009 10:15 AM

Earlier I listened to Experimental Jet Set, then Goo, and now I am on Murray Street

pantophobia 05.20.2009 10:46 AM

Eat Skull - Wild and Inside, just phenomenal

stu666 05.20.2009 11:54 AM


sonic sphere 05.20.2009 12:45 PM

the fall-50,000 fall fans can't be wrong

sarramkrop 05.20.2009 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by _slavo_
Oh you boys, you.

I'm blushing.

I'm glad you like that 2CD ... there's a LOT of rubbish there, but a few good tracks too. You just have to skip the annoying ones :)

Slavo, I'm putting on the cd's you sent me right now. Just to let you know, the second cd which is part of the 2-disc compilation has no songs on it, just the artwork. If you can re-send it it would be cool. Fanx.

atsonicpark 05.20.2009 02:37 PM

longmont potion castle - vol. 7

atsonicpark 05.20.2009 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by Schizophrenia

Ah this reminds me, I FINALLY bought Icky Flix yesterday.

al shabbray 05.20.2009 03:12 PM


Kegmama 05.20.2009 03:15 PM


automatic bzooty 05.20.2009 03:22 PM


talk of this in another thread urged me to put it on.

Schizophrenia 05.20.2009 04:06 PM

i do love safe as milk!


Antagon 05.20.2009 04:41 PM

Front 242 - Crushed

noisereductions 05.20.2009 05:04 PM

Jim Jones - Pray IV Rain

SuperCreep 05.20.2009 07:52 PM


first disc.

terriblecanyons 05.20.2009 08:28 PM


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