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Death & the Maiden 05.01.2009 01:38 AM

Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape

stu666 05.01.2009 01:57 AM


Kegmama 05.01.2009 01:59 AM


!!! I will post in one of the many eternal threads regarding my thoughts soon. !!!
but i love it.

The Earl Of Slander 05.01.2009 03:44 AM

Masayuki Takayanagi, New Direction 1970 - Call in Question

Fuck yes! I'm currently finding it difficult to type because my face is actually melting!

sonic sphere 05.01.2009 05:43 AM

dinosaur jr.-live in santa monica '94

noisereductions 05.01.2009 07:12 AM

a stack of Jay-Z. Just got in the mood.

al shabbray 05.01.2009 07:14 AM

great kotton crown performance:

Youth_Against_Facism 05.01.2009 07:18 AM


noisereductions 05.01.2009 07:32 AM


Really good... love The Heliocentrics. Not accustomed to the vocals (never heard Mulatu before). But The Helios are always a tight band and deliver.

sonic sphere 05.01.2009 07:47 AM

the doors-strange days

whereboysfeartotread 05.01.2009 07:51 AM

Everything is Everything - Lauryn Hill

bc i love her.

Youth_Against_Facism 05.01.2009 08:11 AM


al shabbray 05.01.2009 08:18 AM


never gets old

Inhuman 05.01.2009 08:24 AM

The Velvet Underground & Nico. The VU have become my best friends for sitting out on the balcony with sunglasses and a cigarette

SYRFox 05.01.2009 08:26 AM


Sonic Youth 37 05.01.2009 08:30 AM


Savage Clone 05.01.2009 08:49 AM

Is that the Martijn DeKleer album?
Totally underrated, great space rock LP.
The lyrics are kind of cheesy, but musically it's fantastic and I do like his singing voice.
He's also a super nice person; one of the very best "meeting a musician" memories I have. Left the greatest impression possible on me back in the summer of 1991.

Savage Clone 05.01.2009 09:03 AM

My wife and I hung out with him all day when the Dots came to town in 1991 and he had just joined a few months before. It was a 21+ show and we were both about three weeks shy of legal age. Anyway, we exchanged contact info and went on our way home. A little while later the phone rings and it's Martijn. He tells us that they told the club we were old friends and that they were staying with us, and that if we went to dinner with them and went into the club with them, we could see the show. They also gave us free shirts. They had never met us or talked to us before that day. SUPER nice guy. Excellent guitarist too.

sonic sphere 05.01.2009 09:05 AM

elvis presley-hitstory

Dr. Eugene Felikson 05.01.2009 12:27 PM

The Eternal

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