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stu666 04.21.2009 06:44 PM

SBHOTM - Cheap Blood

automatic bzooty 04.21.2009 08:07 PM


Kuwa_Slayne 04.21.2009 08:44 PM

The Sea and Cake - the biz

atsonicpark 04.21.2009 09:09 PM


Sheriff Rhys Chatham 04.21.2009 09:11 PM


the gun - gun

SuperCreep 04.21.2009 10:30 PM


VacuumChild 04.21.2009 11:53 PM

Héroes del Silencio - Maldito Duende

(a spanish glam-rock band, late 80's - early 90's)



ps. i must recognize it. i HATE glam rock, but i enjoy this band. (LOL)

jon boy 04.22.2009 01:29 AM


deflinus 04.22.2009 01:46 AM


Torn Curtain 04.22.2009 04:43 AM

Florya 04.22.2009 04:46 AM

Talk Talk - Sprit of Eden

noisereductions 04.22.2009 07:13 AM


I would've loved this record when I was 20 or so. Now I hear it as just sort of good with no real highs or lows. But yeah. If you wish Modest Mouse still sounded like their indie albums...

batreleaser 04.22.2009 07:45 AM

pengo-a nervous splendor

atsonicpark 04.22.2009 08:12 AM




afterthefact 04.22.2009 09:47 AM


atsonicpark 04.22.2009 09:48 AM

awesome, that's my favorite coltrane.

afterthefact 04.22.2009 10:41 AM

Mine too. There is (as far as I can tell) no structure or direction, other than what is created on the spot in the mind of geniuses.

viewtiful_alan 04.22.2009 12:17 PM






batreleaser 04.22.2009 12:23 PM

yellow tears-the pissmop lp (on hospital)

members of the mighty halflings making wierd (you guessed it) noise. It's not all raging harsh/digigrind noise like thier other band, its much more experimental, dada, minimal, and atmospheric than that. Junk electronics, synths, maybe a guitar or two, lots of manipulated vocals. comparisons to dead machines would be warranted I suppose, all though this band does tend to kick into overdrive once in a while (when they twiddle all the knobs to the far far right and just let the feedback roll, god i love noise).

cant wait to see them at no fun, them ad mattin are playin back to back.

demonrail666 04.22.2009 12:30 PM


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