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terminal pharmacy 04.17.2009 01:20 AM


atsonicpark 04.17.2009 02:17 AM

william basinski - 92982

me. 04.17.2009 06:33 AM


andrei 04.17.2009 06:39 AM

Keiji Haino's Birthday Party (Aihiyo and Haino Solo)
May 3, 2008 - Tokyo, JP - Showboat (AUD#1)

sonic sphere 04.17.2009 06:39 AM

ministry-side trax

Death & the Maiden 04.17.2009 06:51 AM

Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters

jimbrim 04.17.2009 06:53 AM


Youth_Against_Facism 04.17.2009 06:59 AM


Derek 04.17.2009 07:12 AM

thinking fellers union local 282 - admonishing the bishops

atsonicpark 04.17.2009 07:22 AM

admonishing the alan and richard bishop.

greedrex 04.17.2009 07:59 AM

Malkmus and the JJJJJJicks - Real Emotional Trash

greedrex 04.17.2009 08:00 AM

^indie prog

atsonicpark 04.17.2009 08:01 AM

The Jicks? Not prog at all. Unless you're talking about TFUL, then I can kinda see that (their name has always seemed, to me, in part to be a subtle reference on Thinking PLague, who is probably the best rock in opposition/avant prog band ever aside from Henry Cow.. and Dun, but they only had one album).

That Jicks album is surprisingly good though... "Shake me off the knife cuz I want to go home."

greedrex 04.17.2009 08:03 AM

yeah this SM album is pretty prog. Jeez one of the songs is 10 minutes long, skipping riffs every twelve seconds. = indie proggggg (porn)

atsonicpark 04.17.2009 08:04 AM

Uh.. if you say so. Just sounds like slightly complex college rock to me. Malkmus knows how to play guitar and knows some good melodies. Doesn't make it prog. It's certainly prog compared to Pavement or whatever.

greedrex 04.17.2009 08:10 AM

don't start hahahahahahaha
i call it indie prog (porn) because this one is so much more complex than the previous ones and listening to this right after Slanted is an experience in itself.
Yes i'm a sexy moron like that.
and i love that song "We can't help you".

atsonicpark 04.17.2009 08:13 AM

I like the one where stephen malkmus says something dumb in an annoying voice.


Just kidding. Well, sort of. I like the Jicks though.

greedrex 04.17.2009 08:15 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
I like the one where stephen malkmus says something dumb in an annoying voice.

hey but that's what he does all the time; it's his trademark.

sonic sphere 04.17.2009 09:02 AM

mudhoney-piece of cake

batreleaser 04.17.2009 10:15 AM

steel pole bath tub-tulip. ive pulled out all my ol amp rep stuff recently.

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