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Youth_Against_Facism 04.03.2009 08:18 PM


Dead-Air 04.03.2009 08:50 PM

Thurston's version of "European Son"

joe11121 04.04.2009 12:12 AM


deflinus 04.04.2009 12:47 AM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.04.2009 02:24 AM


stu666 04.04.2009 02:34 AM


greedrex 04.04.2009 02:39 AM


stu666 04.04.2009 05:18 AM


Derek 04.04.2009 05:53 AM

Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori - Phantom Orchard

atsonicpark 04.04.2009 06:47 AM


I'd marry this band.

sonic sphere 04.04.2009 07:54 AM

the fall-this nation's saving grace

batreleaser 04.04.2009 10:22 AM

Car Commericials-Eric's Diary (damn this album is fucked. totallt new take on something sort of like rock music. Steve Kobak said it best about 08 in music in his "Apples n Heron Blog", "This has been a year in which we have seen Eddy Current Suppresion Ring and Sic Alps revamp rock, The Hospitals and Car Commericals re-invented it, and Idea Fire Company and Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescaleet explored new possibilities in sound.")

also listened to Debris a shitload.

sonic sphere 04.04.2009 10:30 AM

neil young-s/t

batreleaser 04.04.2009 10:53 AM

Scott Walker-Tilt

Ive been in a Scott Walker frenzy. I've never been into his stuff really, but after hearing so much praise for the dude how could I resist. I fucking dig most of it. His 60s stuff is all the great "ghost pop" stuff, almost Roy-Orbisison esque. No variation at all from album to album but tons of perfect tunes. His 70s stuff from what I can tell was dogshit. His 80s stuff was his art music, and this album is his best without a fucking doubt. The first track "Bouncer See Bouncer" will have you spaced out and drooling on your dick as a sparse but prominent backing beat is played and some sparse rhythmic electronics squiggle around and Scott talks/sings/mumbles/recites, etc.. some beautiful lyrics. That's the whole song. Very disorienting, the rest of the record goes from there. Hows this for hack journalism; "Edgar Allan Poe fronting Pere Ubu with Phil Spector producing".

Torn Curtain 04.04.2009 10:57 AM

Cocteau Twins - 30 oct 1984, Rats Club, Oslo, Norway FM (from dime)

sonic sphere 04.04.2009 12:05 PM

fat joe da gangsta-represent

Derek 04.04.2009 12:14 PM


Inhuman 04.04.2009 12:28 PM

NON - Children of the black sun

noisereductions 04.04.2009 01:44 PM


sonic sphere 04.04.2009 02:17 PM

fleetwood mac-future games

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