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[Sandbag] 03.01.2009 08:51 AM

the pastels

sonic sphere 03.01.2009 08:57 AM

dead kennedys-demos 1978

SYRFox 03.01.2009 09:13 AM


Derek 03.01.2009 09:13 AM

robe. - time dilation

woo woo

atsonicpark 03.01.2009 09:21 AM

thee michelle gun elephant

and then mosaic.wav

atsonicpark 03.01.2009 09:21 AM

hope you like that robe. album derek

greedrex 03.01.2009 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by SYRFox


i can now say this is one fierce snooze+yawn fest.:eek:

atsonicpark 03.01.2009 09:23 AM

oh I listened to the UUUUUUU (or "Six U's" as I've been referring to it when speaking to my drone loving friend) album a couple more times. Truely gnarly, especially on codeine...

atsonicpark 03.01.2009 09:24 AM

I haven't listened to the connors/o'rourke thing yet, I need to; personally, I don't really like connors that much. Boring stuff. How can someone collaborate with Fahey (on a different album) and be boring? Has way too many releases, though I've liked a few. I dunno. O'Rourke should bring the genius out in that collab. I'll download it soon...

Derek 03.01.2009 09:25 AM

You typed 7 U's //_-

And glad you like it! My next one should be better.

MOSAIC.WAV rule also.

greedrex 03.01.2009 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
O'Rourke should bring the genius out in that collab. I'll download it soon...


gohleekwang 03.01.2009 10:46 AM

now listen to my very own, soon to be release, the second volume of "Wiring My Ear To The Ground" - "Till I Am Happy With"

Torn Curtain 03.01.2009 10:55 AM

John & Berverley Martyn - The road to ruin

[Sandbag] 03.01.2009 11:40 AM


steve newman 03.01.2009 11:47 AM

cursive - mama, i'm swollen
kylesa - static tensions
...trail of dead - the century of self
dillinger escape plan - miss machine
rocket from the crypt - scream, dracula, scream!

sonic sphere 03.01.2009 12:06 PM

dead meadow-howls from the hills

batreleaser 03.01.2009 01:36 PM

ive been feeling particularly misanthropic lately, so last night i decided to stay up as long as possible, take 10 mg of xanax, smoke pot, and listen to lots and lots of scum rock records. whether it be wierd justpre-punk stuff like the electric eels, raven's "back to ohio blues" (sounds like led zeppelin had they never become famous and were forced to use the shittiest eqipment and recording setupus ever to support thier insatiable appetities for hard drugs and sex, the results are almost as great as zeppelin, haha), ive been listening to some of the discs from the same band's to cd boxsetl, of which Thurston put on his top 80 of 06 list in arthur, the Desperate Bicycles "Medium was a Tedium" 7 inch got two spins last night, definitly one of my favorite records.

ive actually be going to the Shit-Fi website and particularly searching out records on thier "Shit List", which is records that they feel fit the Shit-Fi aesthetic. That is, bands who made great sounding and interestinf records with the absolute bare minimum of recording equipment, more lo fi than lo fi. needless to say, that totally represents what im into concerning music.

last night i also pulled out my favorite japanese and british and some american loud as hell, noisy hardcore records. the violent party compilation album, state children, chaos uk, discharge, coward's "voice" 7 inch, Gauze, and Gloom.

wierder albums i listened to were Trans-Industrial Tou Orchestra "Subterfuge" and D. CHarles Speer's "Same Forgotten COuntry"

I also listened to Burzum's "Aske", No New York, the first two Motorhead albums, and Times New Viking.

SYRFox 03.01.2009 01:41 PM



stu666 03.01.2009 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by SYRFox



Yeah i've been listening to this too, i like it Derek.

vulva 03.01.2009 01:59 PM

just finished listening to Wolves In The Throne Room's new one; Black Cascade. It was good, but didn't touch Two Hunters.

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