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noisereductions 02.20.2009 07:59 AM

DEMONRAIL, yr new avatar rules! Bilial kicks ass.

sonic sphere 02.20.2009 08:37 AM

lydia lunch & rowland s. howard-shotgun wedding

This Is Not Here 02.20.2009 09:48 AM


Seeing him live tonight - wooo!!

sonic sphere 02.20.2009 11:36 AM

man or astro-man?-destroy all astromen!!

Dr. Eugene Felikson 02.20.2009 03:05 PM


sonic sphere 02.20.2009 03:44 PM

mc5-high time

Derek 02.20.2009 04:30 PM

brainiac - bonsai superstar

Sonic Youth 37 02.20.2009 04:52 PM


Completely excellent.

noisereductions 02.20.2009 05:30 PM

^Sympathy for the Rec Ind. comp?

Sonic Youth 37 02.20.2009 05:31 PM

Clear Hearts Grey Flowers - Jack Off Jill

Sonic Youth 37 02.20.2009 07:38 PM


acousticrock87 02.20.2009 07:39 PM

Tool - Undertow

Mostly because of Swamp Song, though. Kind of a boring album as a whole.

This Is Not Here 02.20.2009 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by This Is Not Here

Seeing him live tonight - wooo!!

An awesome show this evening. He was on form tonight, better than the time I've seen him before (sorry Melly). He did a 50 minute encore! Smoked about 4 joints on stage, as usual. And a very interesting choice of covers Public Enemy (of course), The Cure Lovecats, and Motorhead's Ace of Spades. Awesome stuff. See this man live!

Dead-Air 02.20.2009 08:51 PM

I'm listening to the 21st Century studio release from Bauhaus for the first time, and you know, it doesn't suck nearly as much as I'd feared. It is kind of Bauhaus Butt Rock, but that just makes it like the album Bowie can't make because of all of his stupid Reznorisms. In fact, that's the best part, nary a post-Trent influence on the whole damn thing. It 'aint The Sky's Gone Out, but it sure is better than all of Murphy's solo albums and Love and Rockets entire catalog put together.

atsonicpark 02.20.2009 09:13 PM

I'm also listening to slipknot - s/t

phoenix 02.20.2009 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37

Completely excellent.

I used to listen to a lot of jack off jill but really, they arent worthy of mark rydens artwork.

joe11121 02.20.2009 10:44 PM


Just got it, it's a nice album.

phoenix 02.20.2009 10:45 PM

I am listening to a bit of cocorosie - ghosthorse and stillborn, and a bit of bjork - medulla.

Sonic Youth 37 02.21.2009 03:00 AM


sonic sphere 02.21.2009 05:32 AM

md.45-the craving

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