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acousticrock87 02.09.2009 04:23 AM

But I just got done singing drunk Japanese songs with a friend who's heading back to Hiroshima tomorrow. Good times.

No one's gonna rule out your wa-ay. So many lives still life goes on, yeahhhh...


stu666 02.09.2009 04:45 AM


noisereductions 02.09.2009 08:21 AM


EvdWee 02.09.2009 08:54 AM


noisereductions 02.09.2009 08:59 AM

^ wow! That one is news to me.

SYRFox 02.09.2009 02:11 PM


sonic sphere 02.09.2009 02:16 PM

ice-t -o.g. original gangster

Torn Curtain 02.09.2009 03:04 PM

Mendelhsson - Hebrides overture, symphony n 3 & symphony n 4 FM (from dime)

Pretty cool.

Rob Instigator 02.09.2009 03:15 PM


listened to half of this at lunch

sonic sphere 02.09.2009 03:19 PM

iggy pop-beat 'em up

viewtiful_alan 02.09.2009 04:39 PM

That one pretty much sucks... Iggy's lyrics for the last ten or so years have almost been intolerable.
He knows they suck but this time he can't seem to sing them with the conviction that saved some of his other shitty lyrical moments.

uhler 02.09.2009 05:28 PM

pussycat trash

EvdWee 02.09.2009 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
^ wow! That one is news to me.

it's just a re-release of Bad Benson with a different title/cover.

uhler 02.09.2009 06:45 PM

the pains of being pure at heart

noisereductions 02.09.2009 07:26 PM

my new BLASTIC SCENE cd.

al shabbray 02.09.2009 08:02 PM


noisereductions 02.09.2009 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by al shabbray

you think yr funny with the money that you flaunt?

soooo good.

gohleekwang 02.09.2009 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions


gohleekwang 02.09.2009 08:37 PM

Main - HZ

noisereductions 02.09.2009 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by gohleekwang

Thanks. As great as this is, I kind of think that the vocalization on "Darn That Dream" just fucks things up as the closing track. bleh.

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