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MellySingsDoom 01.29.2009 12:22 PM

^^^This is an awesome releases - I've got the Southern Lord 2CD re-issue. A timely reminder of how great Gore really were.

stu666 01.29.2009 12:27 PM


greedrex 01.29.2009 12:32 PM


uhler 01.29.2009 12:44 PM

the wipers- youth of america

sonic sphere 01.29.2009 02:39 PM

cypress hill-black sunday

fugazifan 01.29.2009 02:48 PM

fabio orsi+ my cat is an alien-for alan lomax
(listening to the MCIAA track)

Antagon 01.29.2009 03:10 PM

David Bowie - Life on Mars?

sonic sphere 01.29.2009 04:17 PM

dead kennedys-give me convenience or give me death

gmku 01.29.2009 04:55 PM

Big Star - Radio City & Third (LPs)

These are so good. My favorite of the two is still Third.

EvdWee 01.29.2009 05:25 PM

captain beefheart - grow so ugly

best song of safe as milk?

viewtiful_alan 01.29.2009 05:59 PM




Both on cd

Sonic Youth 37 01.29.2009 06:04 PM


atsonicpark 01.29.2009 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by EvdWee
captain beefheart - grow so ugly

best song of safe as milk?

Hate to be cliché but I just can't deny ELECTRICITY.

EvdWee 01.29.2009 06:51 PM

everytime electricity comes by, it stuns me. but i still think grow so ugly is a little bit better, reminds me of big eyed beans.

sure 'nuff 'n yes i do (nice slide guitar) also rocks. the whole album rocks!!!

atsonicpark 01.29.2009 09:11 PM

My favorite part of safe as milk.. at least the cd reissue.. are those demos at the end (most of those songs are on strictly personal, but there's one from shiny beast and even one from ice cream for crow -- what the fuck? He sat on that song 15 years?!). They sound so raw and noisey. The demo of the song "Safe as Milk" is just amazing.

noisereductions 01.29.2009 09:48 PM

I've never ever heard Pansy Division.

Sonic Youth 37 01.30.2009 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
I've never ever heard Pansy Division.

Do you like pop punk?
Do you like humor in music?
Are you not homophobic?
If you answered yes to all three, then check out Pansy Division.

They're very funny, they're very talented songwriters, they're very very gay.

atsonicpark 01.30.2009 01:11 AM

Yeah, Pansy Division are quite enjoyable, though I generally have a soft spot for dumb pop punk.

I'm listening to GATE

stu666 01.30.2009 07:42 AM

Lee Ranaldo - Rats (demo)

demonrail666 01.30.2009 07:46 AM


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