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stu666 10.20.2008 08:36 AM

Huggy Bear - For Every Wolf That Roams


pedestrian 10.20.2008 08:52 AM

You know, I never got into Minus the Bear because they were just a band that wasn't Botch. But I'm listening the them right now on a whim and it's pretty good. In retrospect, a lot of bands just aren't Botch.

jimbrim 10.20.2008 09:05 AM


noisereductions 10.20.2008 11:32 AM

Queen Of Siam

_slavo_ 10.20.2008 12:09 PM

Low - Secret Name

batreleaser 10.20.2008 01:23 PM

starving weirdos/shearing pinx split casette

Derek 10.20.2008 01:49 PM

crass - the feeding of the 5000

al shabbray 10.20.2008 01:54 PM

No Age - Nouns

greedrex 10.20.2008 02:17 PM

i think no age are boring.
end of rant

stu666 10.20.2008 04:56 PM

Laughing Hyenas
O'Cayz Corral

(from dime)

batreleaser 10.20.2008 09:06 PM

split enz-dysryhthmia

Death & the Maiden 10.21.2008 04:57 AM

Isengard - Vinterskugge

sonic sphere 10.21.2008 05:42 AM

ramones-leave home

me. 10.21.2008 05:47 AM

G.I.S.M - Violent Anarchy ep,

then some old gold:-

Septic Death - Now I've got attention what do i do with it

blunderbuss 10.21.2008 06:16 AM


The world is a slightly better place now that this is back in my collection.

noisereductions 10.21.2008 07:04 AM


Maybe the best ATL bootleg?

jimbrim 10.21.2008 07:06 AM

Yellow Swans - Drowner Yellow Swans

[Sandbag] 10.21.2008 07:44 AM


Originally Posted by _slavo_
Low - Secret Name

fav album by them!


SY, The Destroyed Room... luv that long version of the diamond sea.

_slavo_ 10.21.2008 07:48 AM

I was listening to this today morning on my regular way to work in the car:


and I was pretty surprised about how much I still like that album.

_slavo_ 10.21.2008 07:50 AM


Originally Posted by [Sandbag]
fav album by them!

My favourites were always the first two albums by theirs ... "I could live in hope" and especially "Curtain hits the Cast", but this one was very good too, especially as for the overall sound of the album.

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