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stu666 02.08.2008 09:22 AM

New Music Download with Tom Ravenscroft - Show 1
Show 1 - 17th January 2008

Torn Curtain 02.08.2008 09:22 AM

Television - My father's place, Roslyn, NY June 9,1978 (from dime)

ChocolateJesus 02.08.2008 09:26 AM


sonicl 02.08.2008 09:32 AM

Family Battlesnake - Sweet Child Of Mine

sonic sphere 02.08.2008 09:57 AM

sonic youth-bad moon rising

Torn Curtain 02.08.2008 10:24 AM

Tim Buckley - Goodbye & hello

sonic sphere 02.08.2008 10:42 AM

the warlocks-phoenix

jimbrim 02.08.2008 11:08 AM

Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill

ChocolateJesus 02.08.2008 12:39 PM


Gulasch Noir 02.08.2008 03:48 PM

Am listening to the magnificent Dr. John - Mos' Scocious (the Dr. john Anthology). Especially the first CD, which I am listening to at the moment, is full of pearls (or diamonds, if this anglophonically fits better). Don't care so much for the second disc. Especially on the songs "I Walk on Guilded Splinters" and "Black Widow Spider" (and most especially on this one) you can hear, in my opinion, that Sunburned Hand of the Man (Head Dress) are also big fans of Dr. John's aural brutality.

Torn Curtain 02.08.2008 06:49 PM

The Smiths - "Thank you lucky stars" 1986-08-28 Irvine Meadows

Norma J 02.08.2008 10:19 PM

The Saints: (I'm) Stranded.

Which will probably be followed by The Saints - the Monkey Puzzle.

Death & the Maiden 02.08.2008 10:23 PM

You Am I - Sound As Ever

It's produced by Lee Ranaldo

ZEROpumpkins 02.08.2008 10:26 PM

Whatever it says in my sig.

m1rr0r dash 02.09.2008 12:09 AM


stu666 02.09.2008 08:25 AM

New Music Download with Tom Ravenscroft - Show 2


i enjoyed show 1, good to hear Pre and look forward to sessions from Pre in the future

Florya 02.09.2008 09:43 AM

Radiohead - Pablo Honey

jimbrim 02.09.2008 09:47 AM

Jonquil - Lions

nomadicfollower 02.09.2008 11:25 AM

A Night at the Opera.

ChocolateJesus 02.09.2008 11:58 AM

being at the office on saturday sucks, but at least I get to listen to:

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