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sonikold 04.14.2006 11:32 AM

good to know someone else likes syd. usually when i mention him people are like "syd who?"...

marleypumpkin 04.14.2006 11:39 AM

Those people are morons for not knowing who Syd Barrett is.
Only one of the greatest songs was written about him.
"Sine On You Crazy Diamond"

perdrix 04.14.2006 06:38 PM

getting back into pere ubu and rocket from the tombs . i had forgoten how much i love early pere ubu.

The 97th Hammer 04.14.2006 08:55 PM

Hive Mind-The Marble Orchard
(The forgotten alien mining equiptment awoke and slowly consumed the dreams of the world.)

porkmarras 04.15.2006 03:46 PM

Nova mob - Nova Mob
Cocteau Twins - Blue bell knoll

porkmarras 04.15.2006 04:29 PM

Death in June - Fall apart
Still a beautifully bleak song after all these years

dirty bunny 04.15.2006 05:46 PM

Swervedriver's Mezcal Head. beautiful

truncated 04.15.2006 06:05 PM

I must say, I really miss "db sez." I don't know why, but that always made me giggle.

The 97th Hammer 04.15.2006 06:13 PM

The Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer

kingcoffee 04.15.2006 09:05 PM

Dinosaur Jr Ear Bleeding Country, and Velvet Underground Live At Cole End Avenue. It's too bad tha VU never reformed for an American tour.

Fox 04.16.2006 02:06 AM

Experimental Aircraft - Experimental Aircraft

krastian 04.16.2006 02:11 AM

Dr. Dre-The Chronic

samantha. 04.16.2006 05:56 AM

Marquee Moon - Television

Grete 04.16.2006 06:04 AM

Einsturzende Neubauten>>Ich gehe jetzt

Katy 04.16.2006 06:11 AM

Mike Watt "The Secondman's Middle Stand"

PunkerViolence 04.16.2006 10:10 AM

Beat happening - Black candy.....The song being TV Girl, love the xylaphone solo:)

truncated 04.16.2006 10:57 AM

db sez, thanks truncated ;)


Makes me think of a grizzled, elderly pedophile who dresses up and hires himself out for children's birthday parties. Hee hee!

You've got to put that in your signature somehow.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 04.16.2006 11:01 AM

I just listened to incinerate, new sonic youth tune on myspace. it sounds good but it seems like its only steve and thurston playing.

Savage Clone 04.16.2006 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
Death in June - Fall apart
Still a beautifully bleak song after all these years

I love that song! Sometimes I do a cover version during solo sets.
Death In June are a big favorite at Chez Clone.

Kim C Not G 04.16.2006 03:25 PM

The Punk Singer-Julie Ruin

Its been stuck in my head for days.

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