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dale_gribble 04.13.2013 02:26 PM


batreleaser 04.13.2013 11:52 PM

eno discreet music night night

stu666 04.14.2013 02:31 PM


stu666 04.15.2013 12:49 AM


Kegmama 04.15.2013 01:44 AM

Thurston's Demolished Thoughts... Finally got my 'official' copy to add to the collection at Amoeba Records today. :)

greedrex 04.15.2013 02:49 AM

on repeat

louder 04.15.2013 11:20 AM


jai paul - s/t

so apparently this is just a collection of demos but it sounds so great. i'm satisfied even if he'll never drop a real album.

Torn Curtain 04.15.2013 03:29 PM

Melody's Echo Chamber - S/T

Torn Curtain 04.15.2013 05:14 PM

keep poppin pimples 04.15.2013 06:01 PM

gettin real regressive

Dr Chocolate 04.16.2013 01:01 AM

christmas music, man

Dr Chocolate 04.16.2013 03:23 PM

Roger Waters - Amused To Death

my neice didn't like Lard's They're Coming To Take Me Away
so i changed it to something a bit more mellow

Severian 04.17.2013 06:26 AM


chocolate_ladyland 04.17.2013 09:34 AM


chocolate_ladyland 04.17.2013 09:38 AM


Dr Chocolate 04.17.2013 10:18 AM

full album version
with bonus Unsafe At Any Speed 7"


dale_gribble 04.17.2013 02:26 PM


louder 04.17.2013 06:00 PM


A Thousand Threads 04.18.2013 04:30 AM


Barn Owl - V
Saw them play yesterday and they really surprised me. much, much better than the last time I've seen them. It's great that they moved away from using guitars live (still bits of sampled guitar bliss though). All these nice stereo pan things and subtle use of beats here and there - it really worked well. One of the best shows I've seen in a while.
Highly recommend seeing these guys european tour dates

stu666 04.18.2013 03:11 PM


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