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automatic bzooty 07.06.2010 03:37 AM


Beautiful Plateau 07.06.2010 04:03 AM


Originally Posted by Beautiful Plateau
Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned


fucking great album

Satan 07.06.2010 04:25 AM

Pussy Galore

loubarret 07.06.2010 06:03 AM

going through mine cd's since mine soundcard died:


stu666 07.06.2010 09:58 AM


noisereductions 07.06.2010 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by stu666

OMG you are so mainstream!

stu666 07.06.2010 12:03 PM

Alligator Crystal Moth

SYRFox 07.06.2010 12:10 PM


sonic sphere 07.06.2010 01:17 PM


ann ashtray 07.06.2010 01:26 PM

black flag - my war

SONIC GAIL 07.06.2010 02:33 PM

Finally bought this love it!

ann ashtray 07.06.2010 03:35 PM

magik markers- boss

If they ever top this album, I'll dig em more than the youth. Don't see it happenin' though, shits almost that perfect.

ann ashtray 07.06.2010 05:44 PM

androgynous mind, androgynous mind, androgynous mind, hey hey it's ok hey, hey it's ok, djfbsbg alsdbva

SONIC GAIL 07.06.2010 06:11 PM

Hey hey its ok

ann ashtray 07.06.2010 06:13 PM

:) you w i n.

atsonicpark 07.06.2010 06:15 PM


SYRFox 07.06.2010 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark

how do you like it? i was not too fond of this album on first listen, but i need to check it again.

atsonicpark 07.06.2010 06:26 PM

the album "Anidrea"? I'm on my 2nd listen..

It has a few cool songs, but it isn't really my thing. Too many soul samples. I like how off-time a lot of the beats and sounds are, but he just doesn't go far enough in any direction that I can get into. It's pleasant enough.

SYRFox 07.06.2010 06:28 PM

yeah, Anidrea. Pleasant is the word, yeah... I thought the second half was kinda cool, but the beginning dragged a bit. And it felt too "simple" at times to be really interesting. Still kinda good but there's really much much better (eg: THAT MONO/POLY ALBUM FOR FUCKS SAKE :D)

atsonicpark 07.06.2010 06:30 PM

exactly what I thought.

gonna get that mono poly thing now, thanks. Been listening to cooly g too, has some awesome tracks.

thanks for getting me on this kick! I feel like a drug addict.

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