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noisereductions 12.26.2009 01:44 PM

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter: Screwed & Chopped
Dolly Parton - Live In London

EVOLghost 12.26.2009 03:34 PM

Gather 'round>>>>gather Friend! Never Fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never Again!

sonic sphere 12.26.2009 04:39 PM


Torn Curtain 12.26.2009 04:56 PM

Blonde Redhead - Anticipation, the Social, Orlando Oct. 2004

SuperCreep 12.26.2009 05:58 PM


The Earl Of Slander 12.26.2009 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by SuperCreep

One of the 'classic' Fahey's that I don't know at all. As good as people say?

The Earl Of Slander 12.26.2009 07:51 PM


automatic bzooty 12.26.2009 08:15 PM

fleetwood mac, "the chain"

shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, okay.

SuperCreep 12.26.2009 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by The Earl Of Slander
One of the 'classic' Fahey's that I don't know at all. As good as people say?

one of his best, absolutely! pretty varied and different album for him (at the time, at least.) a lot of his best solo compositions, some "band" pieces (a few members of spirit and kevin kelley from the byrds are on a few tracks), and neat sound collage work. i remember reading somewhere that it's his favorite album of his too.

if yr able to play it back properly, there's a really great 24/96 vinyl rip that i downloaded today. the production on the album is already top-notch, but this makes it sound like he's right in the room:

deflinus 12.27.2009 12:13 AM


i can honestly say i was blown away by this album. period.

automatic bzooty 12.27.2009 01:20 AM


loubarret 12.27.2009 04:18 AM


sonic sphere 12.27.2009 08:34 AM


SuperCreep 12.27.2009 08:54 AM


sonic sphere 12.27.2009 12:03 PM


EVOLghost 12.27.2009 02:20 PM

Just listened to Berlin for the first time, much better than Transformer.

noisereductions 12.27.2009 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere

classic classic classic. I hold this up there with ILLMATIC, READY TO DIE, and ENTER THE WU-TANG.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 12.27.2009 05:49 PM


TheFoxBen 12.27.2009 06:00 PM


SYRFox 12.27.2009 06:02 PM


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