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TheDom 04.20.2006 03:45 PM

Does the version on Dime have that dumb radio announcer on it?

lunberg 04.20.2006 05:56 PM

Hey thanks a lot for the mp3 Spiritual Amnesia!

mikec 04.20.2006 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Spiritual Amnesia


Danny Himself 04.20.2006 06:31 PM

Man, the drums sound so powerful. Shaking Hell is the shit, and Kim can still sing it.

SonikJesus 04.20.2006 07:53 PM

Is the one on dime direct from the radio station or did someone just record it?

franck.j 04.22.2006 08:01 AM

Some very cool pics of the show:




and some of St Malo last year

Flow my Tears 04.22.2006 08:19 AM

thanks a lot frank !

Derrida 04.22.2006 12:04 PM

Yeah!! More pictures please..? What about Lee and his 'dive'?

Fox 04.22.2006 01:42 PM

Sonic Youth was yesterday on french TV! That's what Thurston where talking about! They were playing in Campus at about 1:00 AM yesterday! They played Incinerate and it was great, unfortunately I don't got a recorder so I wasn't able to record it...

Incesticide 04.22.2006 02:18 PM

It was great !

Thanks for the pics.

Pedro 04.22.2006 02:35 PM

thanks for the pics...

krastian 04.22.2006 03:06 PM

Nice pics franck!

pantophobia 04.23.2006 01:46 AM

where did you get those arno marzin pics from? they are quite amazing

Moshe 04.23.2006 01:51 AM

nice pics

nancykitten 04.23.2006 02:44 AM

I love the pics!

greenlight 04.23.2006 01:35 PM

wow! cheers for pics!

franck.j 04.25.2006 06:24 AM

More [edit: GREAT] pics at

Incesticide 04.25.2006 11:56 AM

Exellent !


bikinikillbillchillthrill 04.26.2006 05:19 AM

thnx very much for the links:) You french people are REALLY luky that it hurts heh ;)

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