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Spiritual Amnesia 04.19.2006 03:00 PM

i love this song,

greenlight 04.19.2006 03:01 PM

duderanchnurse enough noise parts during this gig. did you hear them - hope so.

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:02 PM

Brother James

Spiritual Amnesia 04.19.2006 03:02 PM

what´s going on with thurston´s voice

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by greenlight
duderanchnurse enough noise parts during this gig. did you hear them - hope so.

during this gig

Bertrand 04.19.2006 03:02 PM

Brother James slammin' in

A Thousand Threads 04.19.2006 03:03 PM

he sounds like that very often

maybe he´s a bit drunk

greenlight 04.19.2006 03:03 PM

Yes! Brother!

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:03 PM

sound engineer sucks !!!!!!!!

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:04 PM

everything is too compressed when she sings

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:06 PM

leonard ranaldo :d

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:08 PM

Making The Nature Scene

pokkeherrie 04.19.2006 03:08 PM

just one lee song so far...
anyone want to guess what the "older lee song" in the setlists will be? (presuming they'll play rats every show)

i hope they'll play another one than eric's trip or mote or skip tracer this tour.

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:10 PM

it will be Wish Fulfillment

DoubleNickels 04.19.2006 03:10 PM

Uh, Erics trip, maybe Hey Joni?!!


Maybe even in the kingdom #19?!

Bertrand 04.19.2006 03:10 PM

Translated : 21/04 show at le Ppint Ephémère ain't sold out (Thurston with Magic Markers)... 1000 people currently attending the show in the studio... TV personality Ariel Wizman among them... Kim said to be beautiful...

silverfreepress (sdasher) 04.19.2006 03:11 PM

my guess its Eric's Trip, they'll need something rather wild if indeed rather ripped is rather mellow.


what if the album cover had a picture of Dan Rather, drunk <ripped> instead of the red glaze of the album cover that we've been offered.?!

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:11 PM

fucking clipping on the snare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 03:12 PM

Or ...

greenlight 04.19.2006 03:12 PM

RR and CIS today....hmmm

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