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jimbrim 02.27.2008 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic


This is the coolest/sickest sleeve artwork i've seen in a while, who's the record by?

stu666 02.27.2008 01:47 PM


Torn Curtain 02.27.2008 02:44 PM


ithinkimissyou 02.27.2008 03:22 PM

The Slits - Heard it through the grapevine

Everyneurotic 02.27.2008 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
This is the coolest/sickest sleeve artwork i've seen in a while, who's the record by?

justice yeldham - cicatrix.

and it is very swell.

m1rr0r dash 02.27.2008 04:38 PM


uhler 02.27.2008 05:44 PM


not that

but this:

stu666 02.27.2008 06:17 PM

THE WEDDING PRESENT - Sweden 1987-11-xx (FM) by arthurly

Torn Curtain 02.27.2008 06:21 PM

Blonde Redhead - KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle, WA (thanks to nicfit)

waltercarson 02.27.2008 06:21 PM

three legged race - living order/mourning order
ralph neri - early michigan progressives vol.1
archie shepp & the full moon ensemble - live in antibes vol. 1

batreleaser 02.27.2008 06:43 PM

meat puppets II
david bowie-low
three 6 mafia-most known unknown
squirrel bait-skag heaven
van morrison-astral weeks
the cramps-bad musis for bad people

right now:

Florya 02.28.2008 03:12 AM

Boris - Pink

Savage Clone 02.28.2008 03:16 AM

The ringing in my ears.
Black Cobra show was super super loud.

Death & the Maiden 02.28.2008 04:19 AM

Johann Sebastian Bach

Torn Curtain 02.28.2008 06:43 AM

An Pierlé & White Velvet

whorefrost 02.28.2008 06:47 AM

been quite digging the Whitey Album recently, specifically G-Force, Platoon, Macbeth, and Children of Satan.

m1rr0r dash 02.28.2008 08:17 AM





Torn Curtain 02.28.2008 09:56 AM

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I see a darkness

sonic sphere 02.28.2008 10:45 AM

brian jonestown massacre-we are the radio

PAULYBEE2656 02.28.2008 10:59 AM

the new be your own pet...
its very like the old be your own pet..... overrated!

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