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krastian 03.16.2007 12:30 AM

^I agree, they suck ass....not for me.


Everyneurotic 03.16.2007 12:35 AM

me mixtape i'm sending tomorrow.

k-krack 03.16.2007 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
xiu xiu = gross.

No way, sir!!!
I can understand where yr coming from, but they are one of my favourite bands of all-time.

k-krack 03.16.2007 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
me mixtape i'm sending tomorrow.

Send me a mixtape some time man... If I knew how, I would... but I know you have fucking stellar taste...and I'm in a tape mood lately...

Everyneurotic 03.16.2007 12:41 AM

actually, i can't make tapes, so i'm sending a data cd-r with two mp3s for each side so that russian nickname/korean soft drink avatar dude transfer them to tape and then send to whoever he decides who to mail my stuff.

i just got paid, so perhaps (perhaps!) i can buy me a reconstructed stereo so i can finally tape shit and have an actual cd player and have somewhere to listen to my turntable. until then, i have to depend on the kindness of 'strangers.'

in conclusion, if you are willing to wait a little and send me the odd pm to ask me/remind me, count on it.

k-krack 03.16.2007 12:48 AM

hahaha Awesome man. I will try to do that!

[iorxhscimtor] 03.16.2007 12:53 AM

Probably i will listen to MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (MOTHERFUCKER!) or the new Chimaira Album

k-krack 03.16.2007 01:14 AM

A bit o' Pavement before bed.

jon boy 03.16.2007 05:38 AM

no neck blues band and dj shadow. not together though!

Shipper 03.16.2007 06:45 AM

Pavement - Wowee Zowee

sonic sphere 03.16.2007 06:54 AM

grandaddy-just like the fambly cat

musicfallinglikesnow 03.16.2007 07:26 AM

I'm on a plain old Nico's fest. MARBLE INDEX, DESERTSHORE, THE END all in a row as I rip them to the PC (got better speakers there). Once I finish I'm gonna jump from the highest cliff.

loopheadtapenoise 03.16.2007 08:58 AM

listened to Moondog on the way into work this morning - i do like that album from last year

[iorxhscimtor] 03.16.2007 09:37 AM

AIDS Wolf - The Lovvers

sonic sphere 03.16.2007 11:44 AM

brian jonestown massacre-we are the radio

drrrtyboots 03.16.2007 11:51 AM

TVOTR - Hours

sun city girl 03.16.2007 03:55 PM


eatmychild 03.16.2007 04:30 PM

Shot to Shit - Ribbon Farmers

king_buzzo 03.16.2007 04:37 PM


HECKLER SPRAY 03.16.2007 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by king_buzzo

Pavement forever !!!
The Wowee Zowee reissue is great !!! (too short, however)

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