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louder 03.11.2013 01:06 AM


sonic sphere 03.11.2013 06:19 AM


Severian 03.11.2013 07:10 AM


Originally Posted by guest
great album.

what is this like? I heard about it from a friend who bought a copy at this festival in melbourne but I never heard back from her as to what it actually is...

Whoah, dude.

EVOLghost 03.11.2013 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by guest
really, really intense. akita plays pure harsh noise throughout, it literally doesn't relent, whilst ambarchi generally handles the lower end but also chimes in with a fuckload of noise. one of the greatest aural assaults I've heard, borders on a total wall at points. I think it can still be picked up on boomkat and sites like that.

boris - praparat
luc ferrari - presque rien
chelsea light moving - s/t
shackleton / applebim / peverelist - soundboy's grave gets desecrated by vandals
ensemble pearl - s/t
laurel halo - quarantine
john cage - shock
faust - something dirty

Solid. I thnk I'll be stopping by the record store in a day or two to see if they have it in stock. Also...that new Boris. I dunno if I should get it just yet....

tesla69 03.11.2013 10:06 AM

mv/ee FUZZWEED -

stu666 03.11.2013 02:40 PM


sonic sphere 03.11.2013 02:50 PM


stu666 03.11.2013 03:58 PM


guest 03.12.2013 02:18 AM


Originally Posted by EVOLghost
Also...that new Boris. I dunno if I should get it just yet....

I'm actually really enjoying it, it absolutely shits on new album/attention please, which I really was not a big fan of. it's definitely a strange album though, I think its closest reference point would be rainbow in that it has a really psychedelic, light atmosphere. it's got these poppy songs interspersed with heavier stuff with that soaring takeshi vocal (I don't recall any wata-led tracks) and this ambient/atmospheric stuff, not drones (although canvas is very much in the same vein as their early drone doom stuff) but loop collages and stuff like that. so stylistically it's their most diverse album but it's a breeze, a really easy album to digest. by no means perfect, but a fucking great boris record nonetheless.


Originally Posted by tesla69
mv/ee FUZZWEED -

mmmmmmm. very nice album.

louder 03.12.2013 07:00 AM


greedrex 03.12.2013 08:34 AM

greedrex 03.12.2013 10:58 AM

yeah , it's really good and very akin to that band called WOMEN. retroartpunk feel.

EvdWee 03.13.2013 04:21 AM


Torn Curtain 03.13.2013 12:03 PM

David Bowie - Hunky dory

Keeping It Simple 03.13.2013 12:44 PM

French Toast.

louder 03.13.2013 02:56 PM



stu666 03.14.2013 06:18 PM


Severian 03.15.2013 05:55 AM


Originally Posted by stu666


guest 03.16.2013 03:50 AM

earth - pentastar: in the style of demons
bruce russell & lasse marhaug - virginia plane
psyche / bfc - elements 1989-1990
aaron dilloway - siena
main - motion pool
russell haswell - recorded while it actually happened
les rallizes denudes - wild trips
jim o'rourke - 6 oscillators 87 / guitar 88

stu666 03.16.2013 06:30 AM


Originally Posted by Genteel Death


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