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_tunic_ 06.20.2020 02:48 PM

Public Enemy's new single is great, despite my general dislike of hiphop/rap/etc! STFU!!!


The Soup Nazi 06.20.2020 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
Public Enemy's new single is great

I was just reading about it and just gave it a spin - FUCKING GREAT. Looks like Chuck and Flava made peace just when we needed them to. Free download, by the way!


The Soup Nazi 06.20.2020 03:21 PM

Previously I was listening to Hans-Joachim Roedelius' "Sketches 1-4" of "By This River", the impossibly beautiful song on Brian Eno's Before And After Science.


Talk about a 180º! (Musically, not politically - I'm sure Mr. Roedelius also wants the Dotard to shut the fuck up).

d.sound 06.22.2020 04:10 PM

Infinite Body.
Any fans here?

demonrail666 06.23.2020 02:43 PM


Yawning Man - Rock Formations

I can see it taking a helluva album to dislodge this from my CD player this summer.

Antagon 06.23.2020 03:46 PM


NYCgaf16 06.24.2020 01:24 AM


Antagon 06.24.2020 02:09 PM


!@#$%! 06.25.2020 07:54 PM

fuckin brilliant!

_tunic_ 06.26.2020 04:55 AM

That was cool!

This album was released 55 years ago today:

Next up will be:

I haven't heard it yet, but I assume it will fit nicely with the first summer heatwave we're having...

Bytor Peltor 06.26.2020 03:49 PM

The Saharan Dust has blanketed Southeast Texas, so I’m staying inside listening to “smoothy dream pop with elements of slick jazz.”

New Duo - Acid Rain


The Soup Nazi 06.27.2020 12:52 AM

Hey, where's my Suzanne Vega post? I'm positive I posted it here... Or did I fuck up and post it elsewhere? Yow! Well, here it goes again:


Bytor Peltor 06.27.2020 02:59 PM

Starting my Saturday with some distorted grind......actually, this is a tad tame by Sissy’s standards : )

Sissy Spacek - rip


Antagon 06.28.2020 04:34 PM


Antagon 06.28.2020 05:12 PM


The Soup Nazi 06.28.2020 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon



NYCgaf16 06.29.2020 04:35 AM

daydream nation

Antagon 07.02.2020 02:36 PM


Antagon 07.02.2020 02:38 PM

Earlier today

Antagon 07.04.2020 03:39 AM


Antagon 07.05.2020 05:47 AM

Yesterday's late night deep listening:


The Soup Nazi 07.06.2020 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by Antagon
Earlier today


It's all beginning to feel like it's ending.

hirsute_biped 07.12.2020 12:31 PM

Free improv at a stadium show:

Torn Curtain 07.12.2020 03:00 PM

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

Antagon 07.12.2020 03:29 PM


Antagon 07.12.2020 04:11 PM


EVOLghost 07.14.2020 12:14 PM


still playin' a whole lotta this.

NYCgaf16 07.14.2020 03:15 PM

i tried to run away when i was six (but got too scared to cross the street) - i tried to run away when i was six but got too scared to cross the street

_tunic_ 07.14.2020 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by NYCgaf16
i tried to run away when i was six (but got too scared to cross the street) - i tried to run away when i was six but got too scared to cross the street


I thought you were telling us about your childhood trauma but it's really an artist / album :D

Bytor Peltor 07.15.2020 04:36 PM

Michael Morley, My Cat Is An Alien, Ramono Ponzini, Lee Ranaldo - Live @ Sensational Fix


NYCgaf16 07.16.2020 01:20 PM

my demo tape

Antagon 07.17.2020 03:25 PM

Khotin - Beautiful You


Antagon 07.17.2020 04:44 PM


Genteel Death 07.17.2020 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon

One of my best friends used to always say great things about this record and lent it to me years ago. Unfortunately I didn't like or heard about it ever since. I'm dead now, so I may give it another go.

Bytor Peltor 07.18.2020 11:54 PM

Jake Schrock - Omnibus (MR-085)......beautiful synths from Texas


choc e-Claire 07.19.2020 04:47 AM

The Fragile on 3xLP. Fuck me it's satisfying.

Antagon 07.19.2020 06:37 AM


Antagon 07.19.2020 07:41 AM


NYCgaf16 07.19.2020 07:55 AM


Antagon 07.19.2020 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by NYCgaf16

Excellent choice!

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