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Moshe 03.01.2012 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by jennthebenn
"Spirit Desire" is the sequel to "No Setlist," and absolutely the last tour journal book I'll be doing. Just because I want to concentrate on fiction
now. I

The next sy tour journal can be fiction!

jennthebenn 03.01.2012 02:10 PM

Moshe, you're kind of a genius.

Moshe 03.01.2012 02:14 PM

I know. My mom told me so.

EVOLghost 03.01.2012 04:34 PM

sy fanfic. now.

the possibilities are unlimited.

butterhole 03.01.2012 08:33 PM

What can I do in order to get notified of a new printing of the book?

jennthebenn 03.02.2012 12:44 AM

If anyone wants to receive email notifying them of the new printing, PM me.

I will be selling the books through As an added bonus, "Spirit Desire" will include my song-by-song reviews of each SY album (as seen on TJMD but I really want them in print as well) and come with a zine put together by Pantophobia/Patrick and myself called "A Splash of Sonic," which will comprise photos and text inspired by our trips. This is not a continuance of the journals per se, but rather a light-hearted look back.

Magic Wheel Memory 03.04.2012 12:57 AM

I am definitely looking forward to this!

negative8ball 03.09.2012 08:22 AM

Looking forward to a new book. No Setlist has the PERFECT mix of enthusiasm (i.e.: fan worship), and genuine perspective on the music - the change from the start to end of the book is great (in your approach to the shows), so a sequel is most def' in order.

Beautiful Plateau 09.10.2013 06:56 PM




rappard 09.11.2013 02:45 AM

Is there going to be an electronic version (ePub, PDF) available? Trying to cut down on stuff.

Rob Instigator 09.11.2013 08:08 AM

I want!

pantophobia 09.11.2013 09:04 AM


a little thing Nic Fit made

Rob Instigator 09.11.2013 09:43 AM


jennthebenn 09.11.2013 09:48 AM

A PDF version will be made available soon. I'll let everyone know when so the interested can grab one.

pony 09.11.2013 10:20 AM

will you sign my book when i come to the states??

and will you sign my copy of spirit desire before you send it to me??

jennthebenn 09.11.2013 12:27 PM

Yes to both.

stu666 09.11.2013 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by jennthebenn
Yes to both.

I want Spirit Desire signed too please Jenn :)

pony 09.11.2013 01:14 PM


themawt71 09.12.2013 08:32 AM

pdf would be excellent.
thanks jenn!

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