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SuperCreep 10.24.2009 03:54 PM


automatic bzooty 10.24.2009 04:19 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.24.2009 05:36 PM


Dead-Air 10.25.2009 12:08 AM

My new uber-crush's cover of "Buckets of Rain" by Dylan. OMFG! I've listened to it fifteen times through and I can't stop.

Death & the Maiden 10.25.2009 12:29 AM

Boys Next Door - Door, Door

Norma J 10.25.2009 12:57 AM

I'm really liking Wavves album Wavvves. Just downloaded it. It's pretty fantastic. I like the concept behind the album, him trying to create the idea of the California he has in his head.

I'm really loving Mark Templeton's Inland, too. It's great to work to.

If any of you guys are into either, I'd like your feedback too.

loubarret 10.25.2009 03:14 AM


Torn Curtain 10.25.2009 09:58 AM

Franz Liszt - Hungarian rhapsodies

the big quasar 10.25.2009 10:00 AM


the chords kill me

Hip Priest 10.25.2009 10:25 AM


atsonicpark 10.25.2009 10:46 AM

All I'm listening to from now on is techno and drum'nbass.

Maybe not. But definitely for the next week.

I kicked all this off by listening to every single WipEout soundtrack!

Hip Priest 10.25.2009 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
All I'm listening to from now on is techno and drum'nbass.!

sonic sphere 10.25.2009 10:58 AM


looking glass spectacle 10.25.2009 11:35 AM


noisereductions 10.25.2009 12:00 PM

Zappa's "Peaches En Regalia" over and fucking over.

viewtiful_alan 10.25.2009 12:25 PM

^I really want to make a beat sampling that song.


Another solid effort from the Rev

loubarret 10.25.2009 12:32 PM


sonic sphere 10.25.2009 01:14 PM


Torn Curtain 10.25.2009 01:30 PM

St Vincent - Strangers (All Points West)

EDIT: and now this one : St vincent - Landmines (La maroquinerie Paris 04-26-2009)

davenotdead 10.25.2009 02:15 PM


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