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TheFoxBen 08.28.2009 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
no. Sometimes I put up random square images that are not albums just to see if anyone's paying attention. Yr on yr game, my friend. haha.

Ahah ok... Anyway, it would look great as a cover, with a little ball in it, and all that kind of lol-gadget.

As for me, I'm listening to this:


ROFL all the way...

noisereductions 08.28.2009 10:52 AM

haha yeah I usually go for weird minimal looking shit like that. I figure if nobody says anything, they figure it's some obscure IDM album.

and anything like this, is probably freak-folk:


TheFoxBen 08.28.2009 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
and anything like this, is probably freak-folk:


Totally :D

sonic sphere 08.28.2009 11:12 AM


floatingslowly 08.28.2009 12:14 PM

never send a monster to do the work of an evil scientist...

dresden - doomsday 2000

loubarret 08.28.2009 12:53 PM


sonic sphere 08.28.2009 01:26 PM


Satan 08.28.2009 01:34 PM


SuperCreep 08.28.2009 01:39 PM


Rob Instigator 08.28.2009 03:05 PM




and this back to back to back

atsonicpark 08.28.2009 03:06 PM


nice cover eh?

Satan 08.28.2009 03:06 PM


loubarret 08.28.2009 03:23 PM


Satan 08.28.2009 03:46 PM


barry swedgin 08.28.2009 03:55 PM

^I love Higher Than The Sun. Its delish.

I've got on Stereolab ABC Peel Sessions.

floatingslowly 08.28.2009 04:23 PM

^^^ yeah, I spent two years looking for that album from the time I first heard it played in advance on KROQ in LA. people would look at me like I was crazy. I still love it.


Savage Clone 08.28.2009 04:25 PM

The Amps' name falls squarely under the "Think harder, people" umbrella.
Also in this category:
The Microphones

davenotdead 08.28.2009 04:39 PM


SuperCreep 08.28.2009 04:57 PM


gmku 08.28.2009 05:20 PM

My Generation (the LP) -- The Who

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