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viewtiful_alan 10.30.2008 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
Compared to EASY TIGER this one is really, really poor. Since yr a recent RA fan, I'd suggest you get these (if you don't have them): GOLD, although it was his mainstream-breakthrough, that shit is solid 70's radio melodies that kill me from Dylan to Redding. LOVE IS HELL which was his "Smiths album". has a gut wrenching performance of "Wonderwall." Trust me. And Whiskeytown's STRANGER'S ALMANAC. Splurge on the Deluxe Edition. Unlike many deluxes, this one's worth it for the beautiful demo takes. Really, really great 'alt-country.;

I was listening to Zappa on my home today. SHIP ARRIVING TOO LATE and IMAGINARY DISEASES. I never get sick of him. He's amazing.

I agree that you and I have similar tastes on these sort of misunderstood geniuses. Can you believe that someone (no names) on this board tried to tell me that Lil Wayne was generic? Psh.

Psh... typical hating on someone who is 'trendy' to like.
Alot of people on this board seem to jump on both the 'hating who its trendy to hate' and 'hating what is trendy' bandwagons. Not all, but some.
Me and you both seem to have a similar appreciation of music regardless of such factors.
But as for what I'm listening to:

Its still great, but I dont see it as the Zappa masterpiece that some do. King Kong is the shit though.

viewtiful_alan 10.30.2008 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37


Day before Halloween, a must.
Also on tap for today:
Walk Among Us
some Bauhaus
some Skinny Puppy
a couple of Cure albums
and....of course, Bad Moon Rising

Yer a goth at heart arent' you?

al shabbray 10.30.2008 05:05 PM


the last part of it is just beautiful

Sonic Youth 37 10.30.2008 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan
Yer a goth at heart arent' you?

Basically. Not even joking, had I been the age I am now in the mid 80s, I shudder to think what I'd look like.

Also, I forgot to add Earth A.D. and Unknown Pleasures to that list. Needles to say, once the sun goes down, I'll be listening to music all night.

[Sandbag] 10.30.2008 09:58 PM

this =


fucking good album.

greedrex 10.31.2008 03:23 AM

Action Dead Mouse demos for next LP. Shit they rule.

stu666 10.31.2008 04:54 AM


fugazifan 10.31.2008 05:25 AM

royal trux

stu666 10.31.2008 05:42 AM

Excepter - Kill People

sonic sphere 10.31.2008 06:32 AM

acid mothers temple & the cosmic inferno-pink lady lemonade~you're from outer space

noisereductions 10.31.2008 07:31 AM

Samhain - Unholy Passions
Misfits - Static Age

stu666 10.31.2008 07:54 AM


sarramkrop 10.31.2008 10:16 AM


V.A. - Filling The Gap

stu666 10.31.2008 11:25 AM


greedrex 10.31.2008 11:29 AM


on sexy waxxxxx

noisereductions 10.31.2008 11:35 AM

what is that greedrex?

greedrex 10.31.2008 11:41 AM


noisereductions 10.31.2008 11:45 AM

Oh yeah. I dnt have any Gastr

greedrex 10.31.2008 12:05 PM

^^ not for everybody indeed but you have to give the Gastr a chance. amazing band....

noisereductions 10.31.2008 12:12 PM

yeah. I'll get around to them.

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