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SYRFox 10.27.2008 05:54 PM


[Sandbag] 10.27.2008 06:26 PM


its on my ipod...
fuckin' mp3's.... i want the album!

Pookie 10.27.2008 06:28 PM


stu666 10.27.2008 06:34 PM


StevOK 10.27.2008 09:48 PM

Check out the last two songs on their player.

StevOK 10.27.2008 10:22 PM

sonic sphere 10.28.2008 05:43 AM

sonic youth-confusion is sex

noisereductions 10.28.2008 07:07 AM


jimbrim 10.28.2008 10:17 AM


batreleaser 10.28.2008 12:49 PM

corsano and flaherty duo-doesnt make sense considering your lack of fat

amazing, sweeping free improv track. i've just recently been starting to understand corsano's genius. i maybe wasn't able to dig him before because he seems like a more collaborative artist and didnt have his defining project. but, the duo with flaherty is close enough to a main band and his solo stuff is mostly amazing, but anyways i have never heard such a rawly talented percussionist with such a unique and wild style in any style of music as corsano. i love how he's able to mix that amazing free improv style of drumming with also the rockist and even metal tendencies. that mixed with flaherty's raw saxophone squalls, and that's free music incarnate. also, it's probably as acessible music as any in the whole free improv genre. it sounds as if they're coming from folk more than wierd noisy free jazz.

uhler 10.28.2008 01:49 PM


jimbrim 10.28.2008 01:54 PM

random double leopards tracks

stu666 10.28.2008 02:04 PM

Boss Hog
Peel session BBC
03 03 1991

(from dime)

Torn Curtain 10.28.2008 02:16 PM

The Notwist - October 23, 2008 The Triple Door Seattle, Washington, USA, KEXP FM (from dime)

Dead-Air 10.28.2008 02:54 PM

"New Rose" by The Damned

Derek 10.28.2008 04:00 PM

the germs - GI

viewtiful_alan 10.28.2008 04:23 PM

Got the ipod on shuffle (it has my entire record collection on it, its an 80 gig, and I dont skip anything)
Last five songs heard:

Machine Gun Ettiquette by The Damned
That's What You Get by Paramore
In the Winner's Circle by Mudhoney
Touched by My Bloody Valentine
Chinese Rocks by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers

Pookie 10.28.2008 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan
...and I dont skip anything.

No fukking compromise.:mad:

viewtiful_alan 10.28.2008 04:30 PM

Since my last post:
True Love Tends to Forget by Bob Dylan
On a Plain by Nirvana

viewtiful_alan 10.28.2008 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by Pookie
No fukking compromise.:mad:

Damn straight, this way I dont just ignore things, and I can discover songs I may have missed the first time around.
I have a thing for everything getting its fair chance.

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