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stu666 10.10.2008 08:06 PM


Sonic Youth 37 10.10.2008 09:03 PM

Laugh if you must...

Sonic Youth 37 10.10.2008 09:35 PM


Dead-Air 10.10.2008 10:34 PM

"Rose Parade" by Elliott Smith from Either/Or Probably going to do both of the Kill Rock Stars albums.

whereboysfeartotread 10.10.2008 10:37 PM

nightclubbing by iggy & the stooges

Death & the Maiden 10.11.2008 01:08 AM

The Verlaines - You're Just Too Obscure For Me

sonic sphere 10.11.2008 06:35 AM


phoenix 10.11.2008 06:48 AM

CocoRosie The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn

greedrex 10.11.2008 07:14 AM

the new Stereolab
sounds weird to me
will report back later when i've listened to the whole thing. I read it was supposed to be the first part of a dyptic.

phoenix 10.11.2008 07:20 AM

that sounds so silly used in a musical context. I guess I'm far too visual arts nerdy.
dyptich btw.

I cant spell either though.

greedrex 10.11.2008 08:31 AM

the wife is gone for a while
i'm listening to part chimp

fuck it's so HEAVY


this bastard is relentless

greedrex 10.11.2008 08:33 AM

oops the wife is back already
*presses the SToP button*
*puts some Bonnie prince Billy on"

[Sandbag] 10.11.2008 09:36 AM

The Dead Texan - The Struggle

tune :)

greedrex 10.11.2008 09:38 AM

the Shaggs!!!!!

StevOK 10.11.2008 11:53 AM

Nurse With Wound - Thunder Perfect Mind

I've never listened to anything by them before. This is definitely interesting. What album by them would you guys suggest I download?

drrrtyboots 10.11.2008 11:55 AM

Sleater-Kinney - Call the Doctor

batreleaser 10.11.2008 03:33 PM

the silver daggers-new high and ord

cock esp-greatest dicks
cock esp-we mean it this time
pink reason-cleaning the mirror
naked on the vague-the blood pressure sessions
kan mikami-various tracks
the dead milkmen-eat your paisley
magik markers-trust your guitar, etc.
led zeppelin 2

Pookie 10.11.2008 03:37 PM

Yet more Bogshed:

batreleaser 10.11.2008 04:00 PM

mark stewart and maffia-as the veneer of democracy begins to fade

Underrated classic. Mark Stewart is a musical genius, and he has made far more great music than just that he did with the Pop Group. This is an exemplary example, as mark stewart was now starting to incorporate Fela Kuti-inspired Afro-Beat rhythms into his already strange mix of Dub and Post Punk. This album would prove influential on his later career, as much of his solo albums fall into the eclectic World-inspired sound used on this record. His new album, "Edit", is the epitome of this style, and is one of my favorite records of this year.

Torn Curtain 10.11.2008 04:05 PM

"Musicians and poets of Rajasthan"

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