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SYRFox 09.23.2008 11:54 AM


SYRFox 09.23.2008 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
double leopards-the axe helve.

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You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Nefeli again.

jimbrim 09.23.2008 11:57 AM


Torn Curtain 09.23.2008 12:25 PM

Can - Horror Trip In The Paperhouse (Cologne June 6th 1972) & BBC Radio London (February 19th 1973), from dime

stu666 09.23.2008 12:33 PM


Cantankerous 09.23.2008 12:34 PM


batreleaser 09.23.2008 12:49 PM

now: billy bao-dialectics of shit

lightning bolt-s/t
zero boys-vicious circle
agent side grinder-s/t
doxa sinistra-conveyor belt
sexy prision-italians who just saw rocky
nothing people-anonymous
drunks with guns-second verses
rusted shut-rehab
the abused-loud and clear
ara-vacant bessel
big l-the big picture

Pookie 09.23.2008 12:52 PM

now: nothing

9am: nothing
10am: nothing
11am: nothing
12pm: nothing
1pm: nothing
2pm: nothing
3pm: Buddy Rich
4pm: nothing
5pm: nothing
6pm: Latin Lounge (at work)

nothing or perhaps something

punkaspoo 09.23.2008 12:57 PM


Cantankerous 09.23.2008 01:00 PM


gmku 09.23.2008 03:33 PM

I hear the wind blowing through the tops of trees.
I hear the voices of little children playing in the sun.
I hear a plane high in the sky and far away.

PAULYBEE2656 09.23.2008 03:44 PM

this motherfucker

greedrex 09.23.2008 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by PAULYBEE2656

ooooch my ears

gmku 09.23.2008 04:05 PM

Birds chriping and tweeting right outside my back door!

EMMAh 09.23.2008 04:14 PM


viewtiful_alan 09.23.2008 04:45 PM

Catching up on posting my listenings:
A few days ago:

THen I went a hellish few days with no stereo.

Then yesterday I listened to these two new purchases:


stu666 09.23.2008 04:45 PM

April 23, 1987
Hoboken, NJ :cool:

viewtiful_alan 09.23.2008 04:46 PM

THen Yesterday night while I caught up on work I went back to my rotation (alphabetical through the collection, with new purchases interuppting):



And now today:



Ragged Glory And Weld are essentially my favorite Neil YOung albums. Can't beat these two for that Great Neil Young guitar work.

gmku 09.23.2008 04:48 PM

Is yesterday night the same as last night?

Torn Curtain 09.23.2008 04:55 PM

The Pentangle - S/T

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