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_slavo_ 02.11.2008 11:57 AM

Battles - Atlas is on the radio right now.

Good times

krastian 02.11.2008 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by gmku
Okay. I don't know what that means, but... okay, I'll take your word for it.

Ha ha ha ha. What I mean is that there is a symmetry between the kind of imagery and overall tone found in the lyrics.


When in doubt......

m1rr0r dash 02.11.2008 02:49 PM


king_buzzo 02.11.2008 03:37 PM

silversin pickups - famous fiction

Everyneurotic 02.11.2008 07:35 PM

after superfly i listened to:

coil - musick to play in the dark vol. 1
slipknot s/t
angus maclise - the invasion of thunderbolt pagoda

and now:


Death & the Maiden 02.12.2008 12:15 AM

John Peel's Festive 15

It's a compilation that came with an issue of Uncut, and includes The Fall, Pavement, The Wedding Present, The Sugarcubes, Spizzenergi, The Mighty Wah!...

sarramkrop 02.12.2008 04:23 AM

Birds Of Delay

Death & the Maiden 02.12.2008 04:25 AM

Melanie Horsnell - The Adventures Of...

I don't know who she is, a friend insisted on copying it for me, and in return I made a 2cd compilation of my favourite music.

su x* 02.12.2008 05:12 AM

Dinosaur Jr - whatever's cool with me EP

first time i hear it, that was almost a... sonicasm

Norma J 02.12.2008 05:58 AM

Q and Not U: Power.

gmku 02.12.2008 08:05 AM

Radiohead - The Bends

ChocolateJesus 02.12.2008 09:15 AM


Everyneurotic 02.12.2008 12:03 PM

last night, for some reason, i forgot that i was listening to swiz - no punches pulled. what an amazing band!

this morning i listened to:

hella - hold your horse is
crom tech ep
orthrelm - norldivod crallos-lomrixth urthiln
phosphene form - confirmed demon

now listening:


ChocolateJesus 02.12.2008 12:09 PM


PAULYBEE2656 02.12.2008 12:19 PM


Everyneurotic 02.12.2008 12:23 PM

are you on drugs, paul?

king_buzzo 02.12.2008 12:28 PM


Torn Curtain 02.12.2008 01:31 PM

Love & Rockets - Express (thanks floatingslowly :cool:)

krastian 02.12.2008 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
Birds Of Delay

They are pretty good....I'd like them more if they had some insane drumming.

gmku 02.12.2008 03:52 PM

The Bends, again. Earlier, Amnesiac. Earlier than that, and coming up ahead, In Rainbows.

Radiohead's good for working to, especially for creative thinking, writing, and such.

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