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sarramkrop 01.04.2008 09:28 AM


Trasher02 01.04.2008 09:37 AM


It's been a while since I've listened to SY especially this album, so I gave it another listen.

gmku 01.04.2008 09:56 AM

Mine's nicer. No ring wear.


Originally Posted by sarramkrop

gmku 01.04.2008 10:11 AM



Torn Curtain 01.04.2008 10:13 AM

Joni Mitchell - Blue

gmku 01.04.2008 10:19 AM

^ Definitely not disco.

HaydenAsche 01.04.2008 10:23 AM

Feist - The Reminder

screamingskull 01.04.2008 10:23 AM


trying to hear Sister, so far unsuccessfully. Although i am enjoying listening to this, its a wonderful album.

gmku 01.04.2008 10:24 AM

Why can't you hear it? Technical problems?

screamingskull 01.04.2008 10:25 AM

well i am listening to it on my computer, maybe i need to switch to listening to it on CD.

gmku 01.04.2008 10:34 AM

Oh... You mean, you're having a hard time getting into it? I almost think it's a headphones kind of album. Try that.

gmku 01.04.2008 10:37 AM

ew... where are you? In an airport?

screamingskull 01.04.2008 10:38 AM

no, i think my computer's speakers just won't go loud enough to hear anything happening at the end of the songs and i'm guessing you have to turn it up pretty loud to hear.

"Hey Hey It's Ok, Hey Hey It's Ok, Hey Hey It's Ok, Hey Hey It's Ok, Hey Hey It's Ok, Hey Hey It's Ok, Hey Hey It's Ok, Hey Hey It's Ok"

jimbrim 01.04.2008 10:40 AM


Torn Curtain 01.04.2008 12:45 PM

Jeff Buckley - Club Soda, Montreal, QC 1994-06-25 Exc AUD (from dime)

soapbars 01.04.2008 12:48 PM

substance by joy division

Everyneurotic 01.04.2008 12:55 PM

ghoul detail - far from the path of the righteous man.

jimbrim 01.04.2008 01:15 PM

MF Doom

gmku 01.04.2008 02:35 PM

Safe as Milk

(funny story. I was in the record store hanging out at the counter. Kid comes in, kind of geeky, you know, asking the clerk if he's got in that Captain Beefheart import yet, and the clerk goes, "Let's seeeeeeee....." slowly making his way around the counter, and then, "Oh, yes... here it is..." and passes it over for the kid to inspect--who does inspect it, pulls it out, even blows on the vinyl. Then when the kid hands it back and asks "How much?," the clerk goes into a reconsidering mode, and is all, "Well, you know, on second thought, I'm not selling it this week." And the kid looks like he's going to cry and can't say anything and turns and runs out of the store. I go, "Hey, I don't have that record. I'll buy it." Clerk looks at the manager, manager shrugs and goes, "8.50." And the clerk hands it over. "So why would you sell it to me and not to him?" Clerk looks at me: "Cause you're not a geek." True story.)

TheDom 01.04.2008 02:38 PM

Walk Hard Soundtrack

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