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Everyneurotic 12.22.2007 04:30 PM


ondskan 12.22.2007 06:03 PM


HECKLER SPRAY 12.22.2007 06:53 PM

Polvo - Cor-crane secret

Everyneurotic 12.22.2007 07:51 PM


wowee zowee2000 12.22.2007 07:58 PM

Sonic Youth - The Destroyed room

val-holla-ing 12.22.2007 08:08 PM

albert ayler-On Green Dolphin Street

Everyneurotic 12.22.2007 08:08 PM


m1rr0r dash 12.23.2007 01:10 AM


Everyneurotic 12.23.2007 01:44 PM


HaydenAsche 12.23.2007 01:47 PM

Lil Wayne

Torn Curtain 12.23.2007 04:09 PM

Bardo Pond - Dilate

Dead-Air 12.23.2007 10:08 PM

"So Long, Lonesome (Eluvium Mix)" by Explosions In The Sky from All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

I'd actually forgotten about this album and how good it is. My pick for best of 2007 now that I'm reminded.

m1rr0r dash 12.23.2007 10:54 PM


Torn Curtain 12.24.2007 10:31 AM

Clogs - Lullaby for Sue

Everyneurotic 12.24.2007 11:09 AM


Torn Curtain 12.24.2007 01:26 PM

Mick Harvey - The River (Tim Buckley cover), followed by
The Arcade Fire - Neon bible

HaydenAsche 12.24.2007 11:26 PM


I always get more down during the winter. It's definately when my Bright Eyes, Cat Power, and Xiu Xiu records get played the most.

So go ahead and loose yourself in liquor and you can praise the clouded mind
but it isn't what you're thinking no, it's the course of history, your position in line.

atsonicpark 12.25.2007 12:52 AM

some of my favorites in december were:
dengue fever - venus on earth
secret chiefs 3 7 inch singles.
brian mcbride - when the detail lost its freedom
aix em klemm - aix em klemm
mac donald duck eclair - genesis songbook
autistic daughters - jealousy and diamond
boris with merzbow - rock dream disc one
sutek conspiracy discography
earth - the bees made honey in the lion's skull
capsule - phony phonic
the residents - eskimo
supercar - highvision
seiichi yamamoto - baptism
seiichi yamamoto - crown of fuzzy groove
that novo tono cd, can't recall the name..
cows - orphan's tragedy
daniel jonhston - songs of pain
dead texan - st
mx-80 sound - i've seen enough
derek baley - topography of the lungs
nihilist spasm band - every monday night
rwake - voices of omens
full metal klezmer - shachor
goblin - profosso russo soundtrack
ground zero - plays standards
mission of burma - on/off/on
zubi zuva - jehovah
vashti bunyan - lookaftering
heroine sheiks - siamese pipe
the legendary pink dots - the tower
thinking fellers union local 282 - where's officer tuba
tuxedomoon - waterplay
mong hang - debaktaka
cerberus shoal/guapo split
hoahio - peek-ara-boo
halo benders - the rebels not in
john zorn - spy vs spy
lemon kittens - cake beast
godspeed - lift your...
lively ones [& surf mariachis] - surf city & surfinn' south of the border
michael yonkers band-microminiature love
nagisa cosmetic - nagisa cosmetic
takeshi muto - expect more from a past life
swell maps - trip to marineville

All really good, check it out!

Norma J 12.25.2007 01:10 AM

Hoover - The lurid traversal of Route 7.

Fantastic! I got it for xmas. Wow!

k-krack 12.25.2007 01:13 AM

And listened to the Arcade Fire EP before this.

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