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sonic sphere 12.12.2007 12:53 PM

the brian jonestown massacre-zero

sonic sphere 12.12.2007 01:03 PM


Torn Curtain 12.12.2007 01:24 PM

An Pierlé - Mud stories

Rob Instigator 12.12.2007 02:35 PM

Husker Du - New Day Rising

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 12.12.2007 02:37 PM

The past couple of hours it's been Glenn Branca.

sonic sphere 12.12.2007 02:48 PM

the brian jonestown massacre-(bringing it all back home-again)

screamingskull 12.12.2007 02:51 PM

^those guys are assholes, but great musicians.^

I am listening to -

gmku 12.12.2007 09:10 PM

Little Feat (self-titled, debut)

The Damned - Damned Damned Damned

Velvet Underground - VU

on wax, yo...

gmku 12.12.2007 10:33 PM

Right now I'm listening to what must be the best Stones album the Stones never made - Little Feat's debut.

Everyneurotic 12.13.2007 12:16 AM


sonic sphere 12.13.2007 08:50 AM

the stooges-s/t

stu666 12.13.2007 11:01 AM

Portishead 2007-12-08 (All Tomorrow's Parties Second Night) Immaculate Shoeps CCM4 AUD

ShermanLoper 12.13.2007 04:19 PM

Pterodactyl - they have become my favorite new band of 2007 - their first full length is increadable...

uhler 12.13.2007 08:59 PM


Everyneurotic 12.13.2007 11:19 PM




Norma J 12.14.2007 03:28 AM

The Drones: Gala Mill.

Fine album. A band I thought a decent amount of folk on this board would appreciate.

Removed from milk
As curious an entity
As bullshit writ on silk

Cancer's airborne now
Do you hear the sound?
I was hanging out the washing, man
As the rain come falling down

Now the grass lies snakes
Has crowds of iodine and fire
On Jezebel's luminescence
I swear you are my heart's desire

Bomb proof the embassy
Give infanticide a cemetary
You looked so good on the late night news
With your curtain and your deed

Yeah, I love you like a violin
I'll hunt you like an amputee
But I ain't gonna lose my skin
I would love to see you again, again

I... I would love to see you again
I... I would love to see you again

You wrote me a letter
And this is how it went:
It said, "We're backing up the supply lines
The first division's crossin' the Nile
Through the rushes and up the side
And into the machine gun fire
Tell me that this is not a dream
I've become a steel spring
Uranium tips night vision cruise missles
Gonna cut the belly out of the sky

I rode an Abrams
We stopped in Bethlehem
They made the answers here
But there weren't so many questions then
And there I shot a woman
In a headscarf with my gun
She said 'Does my bomb look big in this?
Am I the only one?'

I was in the blitz you know
My heart was young and true
I had a Caesarean, but it was not any use

Oh calamity! Oh the vanity!
You can't ride a thunderbolt
You can't claim an enemy

See, there ain't nothing here
Except a darkness
I ain't gonna fail no test
I gave my dowry to a finger on a switch
Turn me to a fine pink mist

But I ain't nothing but a stranger still
If I'm even anyone at all
But I ain't gonna lose my skin
I would love to see you again

I... I would love to see you again
I... I would love to see you again

But that ain't gonna happen now
It's no use to pretend

How many people gonna lie?
How many people gonna die?
What's best for the Western and the greed?
Kill 'em all? Let 'em breed?
Another bomb for every atom you injure
Meet the Devil with extended ring finger
Saying 'thou shalt not kill'
But I'm damned if I don't
So I'm thinking I will

Yeah, Dan Pearl
They cut your head off on TV
But I am not a camera
A man is not an effigy
But still all this horror
Has made a trench out of my soul
I'm gonna have to fall in love with a blind girl
So she will not see the shame that I know

Oh, new scar
You have raised the bar
Goliath rides an oil drum raft
Through a cyclone in my ear drums

You don't want a tyrant, we're sure
You'd prefer civil war
And I am gonna lose my skin
And I ain't gonna see you again


█████████ 12.14.2007 08:40 AM

i've discovered moondog two weeks ago

what an incredible musician.

finding nobody 12.14.2007 11:25 AM

Bad Brains- Black Dots
an under-rated masterpeice

LittlePuppetBoy 12.14.2007 11:27 AM

Liquid Liquid

Everyneurotic 12.14.2007 11:43 AM


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