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alyasa 09.30.2007 10:34 PM


jon boy 10.01.2007 05:37 AM

dead c who are ruling my world at the moment.

fugazifan 10.01.2007 05:38 AM


sarramkrop 10.01.2007 08:28 AM

sonic sphere 10.01.2007 09:19 AM

the brian jonestown massacre-take it from the man!

floatingslowly 10.01.2007 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
the brian jonestown massacre-take it from the man!

must be something in the air.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Diane Perry Tape

(this thread seems sadly pointless - even for me)

gmku 10.01.2007 01:43 PM

Damn, guess who just won his first BIG freelance contract. Damn. I'm so excited, I have to go open a beer and figure out something really good to put on the turntable.

Maybe loaded.

Damn. After two months of doing nothing but marketing myself, it's starting to happen. I'm finally going to start making money at this gonzo freelance writer lifestyle, people!

Rob Instigator 10.01.2007 01:45 PM


I have been listening to this for three days in my car,


gmku 10.01.2007 01:51 PM

Heh, it is beating a little fast there, sonny. Better take my pills. Nurse, nurse...

Thanks, Rob. Man, it feels great. I really can be my own boss.

Sorry, I'm gushing stupidly all over place. I'm gonna let the VU take me down a bit now.

gmku 10.01.2007 01:52 PM

That's a great album, there, by the way, Rob. One of my favorites.

gmku 10.01.2007 02:06 PM


This is so good with the windows open to a breeze on a nice day.

Torn Curtain 10.01.2007 02:18 PM

K - K - K - Kooks: (Yet) Another Hunky Dory (Hunky Dory outtakes)

Savage Clone 10.01.2007 03:24 PM

Black Cobra - Bestial

Heavy, man.

Disgruntled Youth 10.01.2007 03:38 PM




Toilet & Bowels 10.01.2007 07:46 PM

Angelhead - Eat

i'm too obscure for all of you bitches.

Savage Clone 10.01.2007 09:58 PM

Current 93 - Dogs Blood Rising

jon boy 10.02.2007 03:55 AM

daft punk - discovery.

Torn Curtain 10.02.2007 05:23 AM

Sonic Youth - Route du Rock St Malo 2007-08-17

fugazifan 10.02.2007 06:59 AM

nurse wih wound with current 93-mi mort

alyasa 10.02.2007 07:01 AM

Ashley Robert. I find this less noise and more experimental textures... Wait, are they the same?

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