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LittlePuppetBoy 09.29.2007 03:20 PM

Minor Threat!

Norma J 09.30.2007 01:23 AM

Tim Rogers can cure a lonely and/or broken heart like nobody else:


If she would just come back with me
I think my old man knows what I mean
Yeh we'll drink 'til we're pink, throw up in the sink
And I'll get what I left behind
And she'll understand me in KALgoor-a-lie

Torn Curtain 09.30.2007 05:11 AM

The Sparks - Kimono my house

Torn Curtain 09.30.2007 08:45 AM

To Rococo Rot - The amateur view

sarramkrop 09.30.2007 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by Torn Curtain
To Rococo Rot - The amateur view

Nice one.

Torn Curtain 09.30.2007 02:01 PM

Mogwai, 1998-03-11, Folken, Stavanger FM (from dime)

Norma J 09.30.2007 05:22 PM

I'm listening to this darlin' of a double album again, an album you all should own!:


But I'd rather be drunk than to be feelin' this
Have you as my little thing to miss
Lonely is only a place to hide
When I'm hangin' out with these guys

o o o 09.30.2007 05:25 PM

johnny thunders & the heartbreakers - l.a.m.f.

soapbars 09.30.2007 05:39 PM

stooges by the stooges

o o o 09.30.2007 06:21 PM

Aphex Twin - Donkey Rhubarb


Toilet & Bowels 09.30.2007 06:40 PM

Aunt Sally

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 09.30.2007 06:44 PM

Grizzly Summits, my new solo project.
I was reading the tuning thread and found an old tuning of mine and it sparked a new sound. I'll have a song online tomorrow if any one is interested.

Inhuman 09.30.2007 07:14 PM

Three 6 Mafia - Choices

atsonicpark 09.30.2007 07:19 PM

bobby conn
buffalo daughter
happy flowers
magic band
peter sotos spoken word
sleeping people
toddle (probably the best album of the year)
tujiko noriko
zazen boys

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 09.30.2007 07:21 PM

man, I haven't heard of any of those.

atsonicpark 09.30.2007 07:25 PM


bobby conn is kind of a.. poppy.. in an animal collective way (lots of harmonies and gentle melodies, not over the top headachey pop "ohh ohhss" and bullshit).. with no wave revivalist tendencies. buffalo daughter is japanese girl moog weirdo pop. dacm is quite, sparse electronic stuff. happy flowers are weirdos. magic band is captain beefheart's revived band doing old beefheart songs, instrumentally and with john french (amazing drummer) doing beefheart vocal impersonations, convincingly. peter sotos is that amazing author of "Total Abuse", and it's him reading selections from it. piana is quiet, introspective piano/glitch/pop stuff; just beautiful. sleeping people is a math rock band with an amazingly hot guitar player... toddle is a j indie band with beautiful arpeggios and .. i dunno, just perfectly-written songs. tujiko noriko is the leader in glitch pop. tuks is ambient kinda distorted noisey stuff but.. a quiet noise. zazen boys is super "avant garde" math rock pop stuff. great. i've also been listening to some yukon, which is drive like jehu taken to the next level.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 09.30.2007 07:27 PM

I hate having dial-up, it's slowed down my discovery of music.

Inhuman 09.30.2007 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
bobby conn
buffalo daughter

I love Buffalo Daughter! I have these days where I'd listen to just Buffalo Daughter and Cibo Matto when I'm in the mood.


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
Tujoko Noriko

Have an album sitting on my computer, my brother likes but I haven't heard yet

atsonicpark 09.30.2007 07:33 PM

Buffalo Daughter is amazing; I'm not as fond of the newer stuff, but the really old, weird super-moogey stuff is GREAT.

Oh, and regarding dialup: I'm only on DSL at friends' houses/my grandpa's, so 5 out of the 7 days of the week, I'm on dialup too. Lame. I burn like 50 CD's a week, though, while at my grandpa's, so I am always hearing music regardless.

Toilet & Bowels 09.30.2007 09:41 PM

i've only heard one record from buffalo daughter and it's ok, but it's kind of like a not as exciting version of OOIOO

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