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Cantankerous 07.12.2007 02:48 PM


Rob Instigator 07.12.2007 03:01 PM


cryptowonderdruginvogue 07.12.2007 03:13 PM



Iain 07.12.2007 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by finding nobody


Pookie 07.12.2007 04:21 PM


Cantankerous 07.12.2007 04:32 PM


jimbrim 07.12.2007 04:46 PM

The Smiths - Self Titled

musicfallinglikesnow 07.12.2007 09:19 PM

The Very Best of Roy Orbison.
I never get tired of this record. It's simply wonderful. Unearthly.

davenotdead 07.13.2007 12:48 AM


Norma J 07.13.2007 02:25 AM

Self titled Velvet Underground.

k-krack 07.13.2007 03:01 AM

About to listen to Sigur Ros- Takk... for bed.

sarramkrop 07.13.2007 03:45 AM


jon boy 07.13.2007 04:27 AM

some william burroughs audio recordings.

terminal pharmacy 07.13.2007 04:42 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
some william burroughs audio recordings.

which burroughs?

i'm currently listening to malediction and prayer by diamanda g

Torn Curtain 07.13.2007 05:06 AM

P J Harvey - Bridgewater Hall Manchester 7 July 2007 (from dime)

sarramkrop 07.13.2007 09:11 AM


JUNE 1967


Wendy agreed to produce that record for R. A. Moog, Inc. I believe that (s)he was working for Gotham Recording at the time. Wendy came to Trumansburg. The two of us sat around a table and wrote the narrative together. Then she went back to New York and did the rest, either in her own studio or at Gotham.

I think that it's very good. We were very happy to have it, and to be able to GIVE it to prospective customers. We NEVER sold it.
Bob Moog, April 2002

Click Here to PLAY THE RECORD (mp3 file, 1.3MB)

Torn Curtain 07.13.2007 10:53 AM

The Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro

Torn Curtain 07.13.2007 12:40 PM

OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer (from

Not bad.

contrelefuckingsexisme 07.13.2007 08:23 PM

the kelley deal 6000 - Stripper

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 07.13.2007 09:18 PM

guided by voices - earthquake
first time listening to it in it's entirety.

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