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vulva 06.29.2007 11:55 PM

cool! I have the vinyl on order so I'll be able to relate soon enough

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 12:00 AM

you'll do good, it is one of the best vinyls i have.

vulva 06.30.2007 12:01 AM

I've been going vinyl-tarded ever since getting my USB connectable turntable

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 12:07 AM

shit! that sounds like fun!!

vulva 06.30.2007 12:07 AM

it's awesome, ripping all my vinyl so that I can listen to it on the fly. I also love ripping full sides and not splitting them up, it creates a similar illusion to listening to the vinyl when I'm not at home.

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 12:23 AM

that's convenient, especially for vinyl exclusive music.

vulva 06.30.2007 12:29 AM

I have a feeling I'm gonna like it here

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 12:31 AM

meanwhile, the analogue party continues:


(fuck! can't find a bigger pic)

k-krack 06.30.2007 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic


(yes, it does sound sweeter on vinyl).

Fuck, dude, I'm jealous. No money means no lps, and I really want this lp... such a fucking good band.

vulva 06.30.2007 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
meanwhile, the analogue party continues:


(fuck! can't find a bigger pic)

hey cool! wasn't sure what to expect from people on here, but nice seeing Grind doesn't go unnoticed. I was listening to Terrorizer's World Downfall earlier.

k-krack 06.30.2007 12:39 AM

I think I'm going to download that Pig Destroyer album, it's on the local music forum, posted by a dude I really respect (awesome dude, awesome taste). He's never lead me wrong... and seeing as Rawdick seems to like it... Why the hell not?!

vulva 06.30.2007 12:43 AM

krack, if I'm interpretting correctly, what part of Onterrible do ya hail from?

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 12:43 AM

phantom limb is one of my very favorite albums of the year.

in fact, i was blasting it so loud then i realized it's almost one in the morning here, but it was sounding so awesome i didn't want to turn it down.

pig destroyer know how to write songs!!

asskrack: i recommend you save up and get the vinyl, it sounds really sweet!!

vulva 06.30.2007 12:46 AM

neurotic, what do you think of the latest Napalm Death? It's one of those albums that kinda came out of nowhere in their catalog and is really a modern day gem.

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 12:48 AM

i have an unspoken boycott of any post-feto napalm, but i think i should lift it and listen to their newest album.

appearantly, i'm seeing them in like september as they are playing here in mexico with finntroll, and i was kinda going to see finntroll anyway (weird pairing).

vulva 06.30.2007 12:49 AM

I almost caught finntroll but my ride bailed on me. They were here last year with Sodom. I've seen 2/3 for the unholy german thrash trinity. Once I see Sodom, I can die a happy man

k-krack 06.30.2007 12:52 AM

Vulva- You are reading right, I'm from Sudbury. (By the way, sweet pun dude!) What about you? Are you around here?

rawdick- I think I will as soon as I get this damn job, these damn Fugazi records, dd/mm/yyy stuff when they are here, and USAISAMONSTER stuff when they are here (and fuck I'm so tight for money... PLUS surgery in August, four days before USAIAM... FUCK!

By the way, I'm just starting Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, and regardless of any criticism... it is fucking awesome so far. Such awesome feedback tones, fucking beautiful soundscapes. It almost sounds like it's being played with some kind of destroyed analog synth... incredible.

vulva 06.30.2007 12:54 AM

cool, I have family from Sudbury. The only thing I remember about Sudbury is Records On Wheels, though.

Anywho, I'm stuck in Cambridge (moar like LAMEbirdge amirite!?) until next year when I attend Uni at Ryerson.

k-krack 06.30.2007 12:59 AM

Aw, man. ROW has GREAT selection, but HORRIBLE pricing. I assume you weren't here in the time of Mudshark... (amazing store, awesome prices... closed down though... fuck, I miss that place so hard). Sudbury is fucking awful, I hate it here.

My best friend grew up in Cambridge, man! I've never been there, though... maybe I've driven through... That's so wierd, people from an even smaller Ontario town than me that are into SY?! ABSURD!!! I'll rep y'for that, good sir!

So yr like, 20-ish (going to university)...
I'm 15, for conversation's sake.

vulva 06.30.2007 01:02 AM

there's a small SY following here. Though most people in to them are pretentious dicks. But yeah, don't waste your time with Cambridge. It just reminds me of how much I miss living out west (saskatoon, edmonton, calgary....). And yeah, musically I'm one of the few people over here that doesn't go retarded over the new Tim McGraw single or whichever hillbilly is big at the time.

EDIT: Yeah, 18 years old with the overall maturity/mentality of a 9 year old.

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