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DemonBox 11.09.2006 01:50 PM

Belle & Sebastian - The Boy Done Wrong Again

PAULYBEE2656 11.09.2006 02:01 PM

that fucking tank
day of death from bono adrenalin shot

pretty good i think

porkmarras 11.09.2006 02:09 PM


Hip Priest 11.09.2006 02:11 PM

^I'm not getting that picture.

Please tell.

Inhuman 11.09.2006 02:11 PM

This rock song that sounds similar to one of those "linkin park"ish type bands, and it goes "generation to kill yoouurseellff, generation to kill eachotthheerr". I've never heard it before, but it has a very inneffective use of drums, parallel notes between guitar and bass (defeating the purpose of the bass altogether), and the guitar line is cliche and a reflection of every other line you hear on those terrible rock stations.

People in my class have very narrow music tastes. I'm putting on the new Sunn0)))/Boris album. That shit's the shit. Best album I bought all year.

porkmarras 11.09.2006 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by Hip Priest
^I'm not getting that picture.

Please tell.

It's Symposium's 'Drink The Sunshine' .

Hip Priest 11.09.2006 02:18 PM

I remember Symposium. 'Fairweather Friend' was one of theirs, wasn't it? I only heard the early stuff.

Good name for a band.

porkmarras 11.09.2006 02:30 PM

Yes it was.They were a good band for a while but then.........BOOM!!!

Hip Priest 11.09.2006 02:31 PM

Oh no! What happened?

porkmarras 11.09.2006 02:34 PM

They disbanded.They were a bit like the Libertines of their time.Posh kids from Kensington are never taken that seriously on the indie rock scene,though.See what happened to Kula Shaker's Crispin Mills(i think that was his name).

Hip Priest 11.09.2006 02:37 PM

At least KS had their moment of fame. Wasn't the Mills backlash something to do with comments about Hitler?

porkmarras 11.09.2006 02:39 PM

Yeah the Swastika thing.Bless him,he made a right tit of himself with that one.

porkmarras 11.09.2006 02:46 PM

Gavin Bryars- Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet.

Too beautiful for words.

Richard Pryor on Fire 11.09.2006 03:12 PM


Richard Pryor on Fire 11.09.2006 03:13 PM

Oh wait!

I stake my (minimal) presence on this board on it. They are amazing, and I can't wait for the record to come out.

porkmarras 11.09.2006 05:06 PM

This podcast:
LiLiPUT - Die Matrosen
Aboriginal Voices - Loops
{square}! - im Krieg
Sophisticated Boom Boom - Boom Boom Rap
Vera Kaa - Schuld war nur der Bossa Nova
Trotz Allem - Krokodil
Manisch Depressiv - Gott ist tot / Würde Würde Würde sein / Aber wir wissen / Aufstehen / Was ist los mit Amerika / Zeitmaschine / Existieren sie Nicht / Es gibt sie nicht / Die Maschine / Gott ist tot
Chin Chin - We Don't Want to be Prisoners
The Vyllies - Purple Gorilla
mittageisen - Automaten
Dressed up Animals - Love does not Remain
Sarah Röben - Heartbeat
UnknownmiX - Uanda Street
Nordland - Green Eyes
Touch el Arab - Muhammar

nomadicfollower 11.09.2006 05:09 PM


Norma J 11.09.2006 06:28 PM


Originally Posted by nomadicfollower

Awesome record.

porkmarras 11.09.2006 06:30 PM


TheDom 11.09.2006 06:32 PM

I put a bunch of albums in a playlist and I have them all on shuffle:

Nirvana - Nevermind, In Utero (actually the first time I have listened to them in over two years... brings back memories...)
SY - DDN, Sister, EVOL, Goo
Jane's Addiction - s/t, Nothing's Shocking, Ritual De Lo Habitual (I don't understand why, but these guys are actually pretty good)

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