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k-krack 09.28.2006 11:58 PM

my dad making toast. (is what im listening to...). im fucking cold and off to bed.

HaydenAsche 09.28.2006 11:59 PM

Off to bed? The night is just begining, youngster.

Everyneurotic 09.29.2006 12:02 AM

i saw the chariot and converge on the same day, how awesome is that?

oh and i'm listening to some prick decay i downloaded, it's awesome; the title of the album seems to be "fuck gong" but i can't find any info about and there are no song titles or anything, can someone give me some info/help?

Norma J 09.29.2006 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by HaydenAsche
Have you seen them live? They've played in Willmar before at a tiny ass christian club and destroyed everything. Best show of 2004 and 2005. Two nights in a motherfucking row. It was such a good new year's weekend.

Nah, they've never been near my town, or even over to this country in general, I don't think.

I saw Poison the Well 2 times in a week, though. That was fantastic. Looking forward to when they finally release a new album.

krastian 09.29.2006 12:12 AM


Everyneurotic 09.29.2006 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by Norma J
I saw Poison the Well 2 times in a week, though. That was fantastic. Looking forward to when they finally release a new album.

ptw!!!! you come before you rules!!! they came to mexico to some festival last year but i couldn't catch them, they said they sucked because only one guitar player came...other than ycby, i don't like them that much

Norma J 09.29.2006 12:17 AM

I think all their albums are cool. I'm interested in how the new album will sound considering Derek left and now that they've got another guitarist.

They were fucking great both times I saw them. I saw them with Thursday, both times, and PTW stole the shows, especially the first sideshow.

Everyneurotic 09.29.2006 12:23 AM

thursday's mostly the geoff show, from the videos i've seen. i like the song my mirror no longer's pretty much my favorite song by them; the rest, besides you come before you, i'm not too crazy about.

HaydenAsche 09.29.2006 12:26 AM

Old Thursday used to be fantastic. Full Collapse was an incredible cd.

Everyneurotic 09.29.2006 12:28 AM

my favorite is war all the time, of course, i'm part of a minority there. full collapse is only a hair behind, mostly because there are moments they tread too closely to at the drive-in.

the new one is a major piece of shit, though.

HaydenAsche 09.29.2006 12:30 AM

Yeah. The new one is rubbish. Understanding In A Car Crash remains a perfect song for me, though. It will never get old.

Everyneurotic 09.29.2006 12:33 AM

ohh, that's one of those songs that you hate to love because it's the famous song by the band but you don't care; that and paris in flames are the highlights of an almost perfect album.

Norma J 09.29.2006 01:17 AM

I haven't heard any new Thursday. It's gotten basically next to no publishity over here, which is weird considering they were hot shit for quite awhile among people who like that stuff. But I really like Full Collapse and War All the Time. I think the latter is a really strong album, but as if the other. Their debut album I don't own, but from what I remember, it was a good album, too. And to be honest, I haven't cared to seek out the new album for some reason.

A few years ago it was the best Big Day Out bill on record, I think. Thursday, Poison the Well, Mars volta, Kings of Leon, and a bunch of other cool bands all on the same day and basically same small stages which meant small crowds. The Mars Volta were amazing. It stormed during PTW, but it was still great and actually was more apt for the music and atmosphere, it's somehting I can't really explain in words. Yeah.

king_buzzo 09.29.2006 08:24 AM

the good the bad and the ugly theme song

Onani Nic 09.29.2006 08:47 AM

Negative Approach- Why Be Something

Style 09.29.2006 02:46 PM

Local H-Eddie Vedder

Everyneurotic 09.29.2006 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by Style
Local H-Eddie Vedder

i love that song!!!

i'm listening to:


Glice 09.29.2006 03:44 PM


Although, obviously, I'm listening to a different edition for which I can't find the picture.

static-harmony 09.29.2006 05:12 PM

A cd compilation of the Beach Boys.

finding nobody 09.29.2006 05:26 PM


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