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noisereductions 11.02.2010 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by The Earl Of Slander
No, it's the whole album. Just labeled as a preview for some reason. Haven't really had a chance to listen yet though.


alright I'll try to remember tonight

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.02.2010 11:46 AM


Torn Curtain 11.02.2010 12:42 PM

Air - The virgin suicides

The Earl Of Slander 11.02.2010 01:35 PM

The original 12" mix of 'Tainted Love' on loop. So good! The weird jazzy second half makes it utterly slay the famous mix...

demonrail666 11.02.2010 01:39 PM

Utterly brilliant


SONIC GAIL 11.02.2010 01:51 PM

Year of the Lips

loubarret 11.02.2010 01:55 PM


Ghostchase 11.02.2010 03:22 PM


Torn Curtain 11.02.2010 05:40 PM

Pink Floyd - Echoes (live at Pompeii)

stu666 11.02.2010 06:03 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.03.2010 12:01 AM



atsonicpark 11.03.2010 12:42 AM

please everyone, check out the science group.. this is a thinking plague side project and might actually be better than them if that's possible..

davenotdead 11.03.2010 01:17 AM

new Eno and new Barn Owl

atsonicpark 11.03.2010 02:02 AM

new eno's boring

I'm listening to the batman theme

Mortte Jousimo 11.03.2010 02:54 AM

Mothers of invention: Freak Out! and Absolutely Free

atsonicpark 11.03.2010 03:33 AM

Fuck yes. Been on a big Zappa kick lately. Downloaded 83 albums.

Mortte Jousimo 11.03.2010 04:59 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
Fuck yes. Been on a big Zappa kick lately. Downloaded 83 albums.

I have liked Zappa a long time, but somehow no particular reason I had a long only Bongo Fury. Now it has been pleasurable to listen all those Zappa classics in last years!

blunderbuss 11.03.2010 05:17 AM


TheFoxBen 11.03.2010 05:43 AM


And going to their show tonight !

The Earl Of Slander 11.03.2010 07:44 AM

Carry Stress In The Jaw. One of those tracks where whenever I'm listening to it, I somehow can't imagine ever wanting to listen to anything else.

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