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fugazifan 08.26.2006 04:35 PM

No New York

marleypumpkin 08.26.2006 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by sonicl
A bootleg of Thurston Moore / Keiji Haino at Victoriaville in 2001.

Would you be willing to up it for us here on the board.

porkmarras 08.26.2006 06:03 PM

Thanks again to sonicl for that gorgeous Gate record wich i have been listening to all day.It's always a good sign and the waitrose cover is a classic example of supermarket art.Right now i'm listening to this:

Cantankerous 08.26.2006 06:33 PM


TheDom 08.26.2006 06:35 PM


Hip Priest 08.26.2006 07:20 PM

Bix Beiderbecke

TheDom 08.26.2006 07:25 PM


porkmarras 08.26.2006 07:26 PM

''watch out,the world's behind you.....''

nomadicfollower 08.26.2006 08:40 PM

Kid Koala

finding nobody 08.27.2006 12:15 PM


Wow, that's all i can say right now

Hip Priest 08.27.2006 12:52 PM

^ I've never heard of that, but the cover is fantastic. Tell me about it, if you don't mind.

k-krack 08.27.2006 12:54 PM

you know what it is, right? (HP)

i heard it once at a friends, we had to re-sync all the disc's for each song cos they times in between songs varied on each player. that was annoying, but the music was killer.

Hip Priest 08.27.2006 12:57 PM

I remember now, it's something by the Flaming Lips? I'm not a fan of theirs, but that cover is very lovely.

k-krack 08.27.2006 12:58 PM

yeh, it is. i think even if i hated the Flaming Lips, i couldn't help but love that (album?) because its such a cool idea.

just in case you don't know.. probably do.... its four discs each with there own track of music on them, like, one has the drums, one gtr, one bass, keys i guess...? and you oput them on on four different players (or take one out, whatever, listen as you wish) and try to sync them up, and hear the different things for each millisecond that it isn't synced, its very, very cool.

DemonBox 08.27.2006 01:03 PM

Elliott Smith - Coming Up Roses. Pure beauty.

finding nobody 08.27.2006 01:04 PM

Sabastian, Zaaireeka comes with 4 discs meant to be play all at the same time.(as k-krack posted above) At first I thought it was a dumb idea. Why not just put all the stuff on one disc? But, that's the best part. You can play one disc in your computer, one in your dvd player, one in your sterio ect. and mix-mach the discs for a completely different sound.

With this one the flaming lip manage to make something that's beautiful, intense and full of noise. here's more info
a fun review-
Quote: (Willie Williams)
The coolest part about Zaireeka is song #6, "How Will We Know? (Futuristic Crashendos)." My girlfriend and I were listening to the album(s), and after that song, Jenny (my girlfriend's name is Jenny. Hi, Jenny. I love you!) started crying and laughing uncontrollably for about a half hour. See, Wayne put extremely high- and low-pitched frequencies on CD's 1, 3, and 4, and, as the label on the front of Zaireeka points out, they can cause people to become disoriented. It was really creepy and bizarre- I thought Jenny was getting really sick or hallucinating or something. She was fine soon after, though, and I suppose that's what Wayne intended to happen, so it's really cool.

Hip Priest 08.27.2006 01:28 PM

It is a splendid idea, and I'm surprised that it hasn't been taken up more, especially by experimental artists (be it rock, improv, electronica, even free jazz). It also strikes me as the kind of thing one could do in dowload form, to let people go to your website and play around with your ideas.

I always say I'm not a Flaming Lips fan, but I've only heard their recent stuff. I get the impression that the earlier recordings are quite different.

I'm listening to Moblin.

finding nobody 08.27.2006 01:31 PM

I havent heard much of their new stuff. That yeah yeah yeah song isn't very good though

Hip Priest 08.27.2006 01:42 PM

I've only really heard that and all that Yoshimi stuff. Does nothing for me. The people I know who got into them a couple of years ago don't like the old stuff.

TheDom 08.27.2006 02:20 PM


Haven't have this a listen in over a year. It truly is an overlooked album.

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