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atsonicpark 03.31.2009 12:27 AM

awful bullshit - stupid annoying nonsense

Sonic Youth 37 03.31.2009 01:01 AM


finding nobody 03.31.2009 01:21 AM


on cd


on vinyl
enjoying both very much.

EvdWee 03.31.2009 04:46 AM


Death & the Maiden 03.31.2009 04:57 AM

Boris - Smile

gohleekwang 03.31.2009 05:36 AM


noisereductions 03.31.2009 07:12 AM

^comments on above above stuff... SOULJACKER was good, but my favorite was DAISIES OF THE GALAXY. I dnt think they've ever topped it. Also, Common(Sense)'s RESSURECTION is amazing. I remember rocking that tape when I was 15 over and over for a whole Summer. Plus the single "I Used To Love H.E.R." is an incredibly important hip hop single. If I taught a class on Golden Age Hip Hop, this track would be a whole Chapter with a quiz. Think about all the MC's who have since referenced, or more importantly, tried to further the allagory.

Sonic Youth 37 03.31.2009 10:00 AM


noisereductions 03.31.2009 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan
Do You mean biggie? Or is there a Tupac album with the same name?

Biggie's album is READY TO DIE
2Pac's is READY 2 DIE

The 2Pac one is one of those "import" albums (basically, a legal bootleg) that you see often. It was released by Street Dance (super common "import" label) in 2005 -- Suge listed as Exec Producer, so you know... anyway, I collect all those 2Pac releases. This one is actually especially worth tracking down if yr into the weird outtakes, etc. The sound quality is especially good. And there's a few really great standouts ("Thug Nature"!) that seem to be OG's. Of course there's a few throwaways and crappy short Pac verse tacked onto the beginning of someone else's track, etc. But yeah. Long answer to a short question.

stu666 03.31.2009 11:42 AM


SYRFox 03.31.2009 12:09 PM


noisereductions 03.31.2009 12:54 PM

^so good

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to SYRFox again.

stu666 03.31.2009 12:55 PM


sonic sphere 03.31.2009 01:24 PM

neil young & crazy horse-rust never sleeps

stu666 03.31.2009 04:27 PM


Sonic Youth 37 03.31.2009 04:35 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.31.2009 06:01 PM



viewtiful_alan 03.31.2009 06:11 PM


(An ep length version of the disc with the previously released tracks taken out that I bought from a guy).
The Sqad mixtapes, not 500 degreez or Tha Carter, are where you here lil wayne really start coming into his own.

jon boy 03.31.2009 06:19 PM

keith rowe - live solo recording.

noisereductions 03.31.2009 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan

The Sqad mixtapes, not 500 degreez or Tha Carter, are where you here lil wayne really start coming into his own.

I love 500 DEGREEZ and THA CARTER.

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