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Rob Instigator 04.25.2013 11:47 AM





Rob Instigator 04.25.2013 11:48 AM


EVOLghost 04.25.2013 03:37 PM


Ensemble Pearl! (This is the inside of the gatefold cover)

Kegmama 04.25.2013 05:19 PM

Melvins- Houdini

dale_gribble 04.26.2013 02:54 PM


Kegmama 04.26.2013 05:26 PM

Minutemen (mix). i heart mike watt.

stu666 04.27.2013 06:53 AM


sonic sphere 04.27.2013 12:57 PM


stu666 04.27.2013 01:55 PM



louder 04.27.2013 02:01 PM


man, this album is GAWDLY.

louder 04.28.2013 09:21 AM


i've been revisiting my old rock favs these past few days.

this was my fav album when i was 16. still unbelievably good.

stuart 04.28.2013 09:56 AM

I've been in a bummer mood so I am listening to Black Sabbath and Nick Cave..

sonic sphere 04.28.2013 01:57 PM


stu666 04.28.2013 02:47 PM


stu666 04.28.2013 03:47 PM


Torn Curtain 04.28.2013 05:33 PM

Iggy & The Stooges - Ready to Die (on NPR's first listen)

First impression so far : not very good and inspired, some good guitar tones by James Williamson but the songs don't seem to be very memorable.

adamnspy 04.29.2013 08:36 AM

Golden Gunn Golden Gunn
Golden Hiss Messanger + Steve Gunn

So, I just listened through for the first time and was forced to flip and listen again. SUCH a mellow record - perfect for warmer weather and beer drinking.

Torn Curtain 04.29.2013 11:07 AM

The Durutti Column - Short stories for Pauline

sonic sphere 04.29.2013 02:08 PM


dale_gribble 04.29.2013 07:06 PM


buke and gase

keep poppin pimples 04.30.2013 04:32 AM


hell yeah

Kegmama 04.30.2013 04:11 PM


Severian 04.30.2013 06:27 PM


I came across this yesterday, new. Plastic wrap and all, while I was bugging the local vinyl guy about his failure to obtain a single freaking copy of the Body/Head LP since I first ordered it last goddamn year. He was making excuses for his ineptitude when I randomly said "got any Mars? Long shot, but I can't find anything anywhere and I'm trying to replace some lost music."

After a brief, awkward moment when he asked, "which Mars? Noise Mars? Or Mars Volta or something?"
To which I replied "ahh... Kinda 'noise' Mars, but..."
("Punk Mars though, right?")
"Well, I've no idea how many bands are called Mars, but if there are any others, they need a history lesson. I'm looking for NYC no-wave Mars. So kinda noise, kinda punk, and kinda Television. The 'Mars 78' Mars!"
(Yeah, ok yeah- right on. I'll have it next week!")
*eye roll*
(Dude they've got no distribution and they don't sell so what do you want me to... Wait... Hey, here we go!"

So that was cool as fuck and made my day.
It's on CD but I don't give a fuck. I'm glad I started trolling the small record stores again. It's paid off immensely.

chocolate_ladyland 05.01.2013 01:12 AM

should I listen to the new Stooges?

Severian 05.01.2013 06:08 AM


Originally Posted by chocolate_ladyland
should I listen to the new Stooges?

If you like the Stopges, then probably not.

I don't plan on it.

Torn Curtain 05.01.2013 08:05 AM

Torn Curtain 05.01.2013 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by Severian

Originally Posted by chocolate_ladyland
should I listen to the new Stooges?

If you like the Stopges, then probably not.

I don't plan on it.

I quite agree with that review of it:

So no it's not really worth a listen.

greedrex 05.01.2013 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
While doing some running around town earlier today......does anyone remember, Pastichio Medley:


that medley is just so cool. Shows hundreds of cool riff ideas which could have made at least a couple of cool records... :eek::cool:

Torn Curtain 05.01.2013 09:04 AM

Torn Curtain 05.01.2013 09:22 AM

Nick Drake - Five leaves left

Torn Curtain 05.02.2013 12:05 PM

Joni Mitchell - Blue

Genteel Death 05.02.2013 02:40 PM

I can't stop playing the new Daft Punk song.

Torn Curtain 05.02.2013 05:36 PM

chrome noise tape 05.02.2013 06:14 PM


stu666 05.02.2013 06:27 PM


sonic sphere 05.03.2013 06:53 AM


louder 05.03.2013 10:16 AM




Kegmama 05.03.2013 11:21 AM


louder 05.03.2013 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama

RIP Jeff Hanneman.

Torn Curtain 05.03.2013 11:57 AM

Tim Buckley - Blue afternoon

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