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_tunic_ 01.11.2016 04:11 AM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
Jesu/Sun Kil Moon, a collaborative album by Mark Kozelek & Justin Broadrick, with participation by LOW, Rachel Goswell, Will Oldham, and others; will be released on January 21st through Caldo Verde Records, and it can be pre-ordered now:

that looks promising. And even better:


The band will support the album live and will include Steve Shelley on drums.
Tour dates at

but as of now there's only a very limited number of dates ... hope there'll be a couple more

Bytor Peltor 01.11.2016 01:34 PM

According to a tweet by Mixtape Methodology and re-tweeted by, LOW......Jason Molina wrote songs to record with LOW, but gave the demos to fans instead.

......there is a quest to find the demos.

_tunic_ 01.12.2016 03:39 AM

Ones and Sixes 2016 Tour
Jan. 15 – Anchorage, AK – Taproot
Jan. 16 – Anchorage, AK – Taproot
Jan. 30 – Evanston, IL – Space
Feb. 01 – Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s*
Feb. 02 – Baltimore, MD – Creative Alliance
Feb. 03 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
Feb. 04 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl
Feb. 05 – Birmingham, AL – Saturn
Feb. 06 – New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks
Feb. 08 – Houston, TX – Walter’s Downtown
Feb. 09 – Austin, TX – The Parish
Feb. 10 – Dallas, TX – The Kessler Theatre
Feb. 11 - Hot Springs, AR - Low Key Arts
Feb. 12 – Nashville, TN – City Winery
Feb. 13 – St. Louis, MO – Off Broadway
Mar. 12 & 13 - Mexico City, MX - Festival NRMAL
*w/ Mary Lattimore

hipster_bebop_junkie 01.13.2016 12:50 AM

Live video recordings of Low's "No Comprende" and "Let's Stay Together" for Rhapsody:

hipster_bebop_junkie 01.30.2016 12:47 AM

Low's performance at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC, on February 3rd will be streaming live through, in support of Teen Cancer America:

Severian 01.30.2016 01:41 AM

I'm gonna see Low and Steve Shelley in good old Evanston.

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.02.2016 01:24 AM

New video for Low's "Into You":

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.02.2016 09:33 PM

"A very very loud show to an audience of maybe 50 people".

Retribution Gospel Choir 2010-02-18 Canopy Club, Urbana, IL (SP-BMC-2 > R-09) [Alan Sparhawk of Low]
Uploaded by rhinowing

The Soup Nazi 02.03.2016 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
"A very very loud show to an audience of maybe 50 people".

My kind of audience. I mean, I'd probably hate half the people there anyway, but large audiences are ass, and festivals are the death of cooliosity.

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.04.2016 01:41 AM

Low will be on Irish TV's show, Other Voices, on Saturday:


The Soup Nazi 02.04.2016 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
Low will be on Irish TV's show, Other Voices, on Saturday:

I just posted a taper alert on bt-dimeadozen-org.

Bytor Peltor 02.10.2016 03:21 PM

Monday night, I saw LOW play Walter's Downtown in Houston. This was my first time see LOW in almost 13 years, since they last played Houston during the 'Trust' tour. Walter's Downtown has a record store inside and I got to visit with Alan for a few moments while he was flipping the bins.

There was no opening act, just LOW playing two sets with a 20 minute break between the two:

Set 1

Mimi handed me her list for Set 2

At one point, Alan did his best Jimi Hendrix playing guitar with his teeth.

Mimi's singing was as beautiful as ever.

The Soup Nazi 02.10.2016 04:36 PM


hipster_bebop_junkie has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.


hipster_bebop_junkie 02.11.2016 10:26 PM

I didn't realize my inbox was full. Apologies to anyone who tried to send me a message. I've now cleared all possible space.

Bytor Peltor, it makes me happy to know you got to see Low. I know they hadn't visited your town in a long time. Thanks for sharing your experience and all those pictures as well (awesome set-list!).

Brian John Mitchell from Silber Media has posted a few spot-on obversations about LOW as a live band these days and the importance of Tom Herbers as a superlative soundman:

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.11.2016 10:33 PM

Alan's been doing the Hendrix move for a while now. I like this picture very much (taken at Deleste Festival, by Fran Callabuig Miralles):

Bytor Peltor 02.14.2016 10:03 AM

^^^didn't realize Alan had been doing this. I picked up his solo guitar album at the show : )

I found it a little odd the writer said, "As part of what seems to be a never-ending tour behind Ones and Sixes (they kick off a month-long run in Anchorage, Alaska on January 15)."

The album was released 5 months ago and the band didn't come close to playing the South their first time out. Denver was the closest they played to Texas. I'm sure LOW fans in: Atlanta, Nashville, Alabama, New Orleans, Arkansas and Texas were all happy they hit the road again.


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
Live video recordings of Low's "No Comprende" and "Let's Stay Together" for Rhapsody:

Such a great, informative read:


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.16.2016 01:35 AM



_tunic_ 02.16.2016 03:55 AM

That's an awesome bill! Low will be visiting the netherlands as well in June but so far it's only a festival so I'll probably won't be seeing them.

About Tom Herbers:
I would love to hear a Low album that's produced by him. The albums he did for Dark Dark Dark are so beautiful. Even though I played them to shreds already, they still sound fresh and new every time I listen to them.

The Soup Nazi 02.17.2016 04:45 PM

From Under The Radar:

2015 Artist Survey: Low
Alan Sparhawk on Music Streaming, Childhood Memories, Star Wars, and the Genius of Taylor Swift

They really fucked up the title of Julia Holter's album; other than that, entertaining stuff. :)

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.18.2016 10:38 PM

Recordings of LOW's two performances in Alaska back in January have surfaced:

Low Live at TapRoot on 2016-01-15

Low Live at TapRoot on 2016-01-16

...And, great pictures here, of the show in St. Louis:

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