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This Is Not Here 04.27.2009 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by toxic johnny
I pushed my way to the front and had an amazing view together with (what seemed like) a bunch of teenagers.

If you were standing infront of Lee then they was me and my mates, innit.

krastian 04.27.2009 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss
Was that the one that he announced as something like "I'll let you be in my dreams if you'll let me be in yours"? I'm sure I've heard that title before...

Yeah, it's a line from Bob Dylan's Talkin' World War III Blues.....great line.

You guys like She Is Not Alone as an opener?? I was never a huge fan of opening shows with it.

This Is Not Here 04.27.2009 08:01 PM

He was reading "I'll let you be in my dreams..." off a guy's t shirt at the front.

toxic johnny 04.28.2009 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by This Is Not Here
If you were standing infront of Lee then they was me and my mates, innit.

Ha Ha no, I was on Thurston's side. And no offence to teenagers, I just thought that it was amusing that a 48 year old was in that situation.

whorefrost 04.28.2009 06:05 AM

She is Not Alone.. fuuuck.. rad setlist, sort of wish I'd made i down.. trying to save pennies for my imminent trip to NYC (to see Sonic Youth sans Lee)

h8kurdt 04.28.2009 06:43 AM

Fuking hell. Knew I should've gone. That's a bloody good set list there.

neptuneg 05.27.2009 10:51 PM

From the Malmo thread:

Malmo setlist

No way
calming the snake
sacred trickster
Hey Joni
Cross the breeze
What we know
Jams run free
Pink steam
Leaky lifeboat
nature scene
teenage riot

greenlight 05.27.2009 10:57 PM

leaky lifeboat and anti orgasm! that's wasn't performed live yet. how was the anti oragsm live? cheers for da setlist!

neptuneg 05.28.2009 10:13 PM

Anyone go to tonight's show?

lukin 05.29.2009 05:40 PM


Set list:
Teenage riot*
Hey joni*
No way
Calming the snake
Sacred trickster*
Anti orgasm*
Leaky lifeboat*
Jams run free*
What we know*
Pink steam*

The songs that have the * is in correct order

greenlight 05.30.2009 09:31 PM

05/30/2009, Primavera Sound '09, Barcelona, Spain

Brother James
Sacred Trickster
Hey Joni
No Way
Calming The Snake
Cross The Breeze
Leaky Lifeboat
What We Know
Tom Violence
Pink Steam
Bull In The Heather
Expressway To Yr. Skull

ihateyouth 05.30.2009 09:40 PM

crap, where can I get the London recording?

greenlight 06.30.2009 02:07 PM

Sonic Youth - June 27, IL VIC Theatre, Chicago

Sacred Trickster
No Way
Poison Arrow
Calming the Snake
Tom Violence
Malibu Gas Station
Leaky Lifeboat
Hey Joni
Massage the History
Pacific Coast Highway

What We Know
The Sprawl

Bull in the Heather
The World Looks Red

Sonic Youth @ The Vic – Sun. June 28th 2009
  • She Is Not Alone
  • No Way
  • Calming The Snake
  • Walkin Blue
  • Poison Arrow
  • Malibu Gas Station
  • Anti-Orgasm
  • Antenna
  • Catholic Block
  • What We Know
  • Leaky Lifeboat
  • Massage The History
  • Sacred Trickster
Encore 1
  • Making The Nature Scene
  • Silver Rocket
Encore 2
  • The Sprawl
  • ‘Cross The Breeze

StevOK 06.30.2009 06:37 PM

I am concerned about the lack of Schizophrenia in these set lists.

baby bulldog 06.30.2009 07:07 PM

As long as they keep playing 'Cross the Breeze!

mattmacneil 07.01.2009 12:01 AM

Massey Hall, Toronto 30/06/09

She Is Not Alone
Sacred Trickster
No Way
Calming The Snake
Walkin Blue
Malibu Gas Station
Leaky Lifeboat
Poison Arrow
Thunder Clap (first time they've played it in a while)
Massage The History
Pacific Coast Highway
Tom Violence
What We Know

That's right, Death Valley 69.

896754 07.01.2009 02:56 PM

Royal Oak, MI 6/29/09

sacred trickster
no way
calming the snake
catholic block
mailbu gas station
poison arrow
hey joni
leaky lifeboat
pacific coast highway
what we know
massage the history
the world looks red

first encore:
the sprawl
cross the breeze

second encore:
walkin blue
silver rocket

StevOK 07.01.2009 03:18 PM

I hope they play Catholic Block when I see them. And Schizophrenia.

Anngella 07.01.2009 09:32 PM

I'm seeing them on July 20th and I am so excited that they'll probably play Expressway.

neptuneg 07.03.2009 05:03 PM


01 audience
02 Catholic Block
03 Sacred Trickster
04 What We Know
05 Calming the Snake
06 No Way
07 Antenna
08 Leaky Lifeboat
09 Malibu Gas Station
10 Poison Arrow
11 Anti-Orgasm
12 Walkin Blue
13 Massage the History
14 Death Valley '69
15 encore break #1
16 The Sprawl
17'Cross the Breeze
18 encore break #2
19 Thunderclap
20 Silver Rocket

based on recording

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