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MarkRudolph 10.29.2006 03:43 AM

NANCY ARLEN R.I.P. no-wave pioneer
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NANCY ARLEN (1942-2006)
Nancy Arlen, 64, sculptor who showed her cast-polyester abstractions at Robert Steffanotti Gallery and the New Museum in the 1970s, died following heart surgery on Sept. 17, 2006. She was also the drummer for Mars, one of the "No Wave" bands featured on the 1978 NO NEW YORK record album produced by Brian Eno.

Honor those who came before.

I loved you, Nancy.

PAULYBEE2656 11.14.2006 01:39 PM

my god. not one reply!!!

respect due.

val-holla-ing 11.14.2006 10:00 PM

wow. this is horrible.

Savage Clone 11.14.2006 10:10 PM

Mars were fantastic; this is sad to hear.

krastian 11.15.2006 01:43 AM

Very sad.....she could hit 'em.

toxic johnny 11.15.2006 03:38 AM

Damn... I was just listening to Mars yesterday... can't believe I didn't know about this... RIP Nancy.

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