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microrock 09.26.2007 12:20 AM

Trees outside the academy/ Honest James Tab

Can any one tab out Thurston's new album or at least Honest James for me? Any hint in terms of tunings etc would be very useful to me as well.

Thanks !

GrungeMonkey 09.27.2007 02:46 PM

I've been working out various stuff for it, I've got bits of songs but nothing in full...

I think that Frozen Gtr, The Shape is in a Trance and Silver>Blue are in CGDGCD, the same tuning as Rain on Tin, the empty page etc...

Inhuman 09.27.2007 02:48 PM

Thanks Grungemonkey, I've been working on Silver>Blue myself!

microrock 10.10.2007 12:42 AM

Has anyone figured out the tab/tunin for Honest James ???

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