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porkmarras 12.09.2006 12:55 PM

I might not undesrtand a single word but it all makes sense.


Rahul - a bold, funny, cool, handsome, rich, smart Mumbai boy.

Juhi - a cute, vivacious, spirited, intelligent girl from Simla.

Simran - gorgeous, sophisticated and glamorous.

Omi - funny, really funny.

What is common to all of them is that they are young and are just beginning their careers as interns at Sanjivani Hospital.

Sanjivani is the story of how these four come into a difficult and demanding profession. They have high ideals, passion, energy - and a degree of naïveté about their work. They bring a breath of fresh air into the hospital.

Sanjivani is about Rahul and Juhi - and about how their animosity turns into friendship and love. It is about Rahul and Simran, who are childhood friends, and whom, everybody assumes, will get married some day.

Sanjivani is also about the relationship between Rahul and his father, Dr Yash Raj Mehra, a famous cardiac surgeon.

The serial takes us through the trials and problems of doctors who fight a constant battle against disease and death. It is a story of the medical profession, but more than that, it is the tale of the lives of people who are regarded as miracle workers - but who are actually only human, with families, lives and emotions of their own.

ALIEN ANAL 12.09.2006 01:38 PM

um imagine indragons still rocked

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