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nicfit 10.19.2007 05:50 AM


Torn Curtain 10.19.2007 05:51 AM

Tim Buckley - Blue afternoon

gmku 10.19.2007 07:20 AM

Wow. I really this album. A lot.


5Against1 10.19.2007 08:18 AM

Mother Love Bone

Torn Curtain 10.19.2007 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by gmku
Wow. I really this album. A lot. ;)

sonic sphere 10.19.2007 08:59 AM

the dubliners-7 drunken nights

SynthethicalY 10.19.2007 03:31 PM


king_buzzo 10.19.2007 03:40 PM

sueee if finneeeeeee


Hip Priest 10.19.2007 05:28 PM

Fields of the Nephilim

Everyneurotic 10.19.2007 10:16 PM






(wasn't my intention to listen to bands starting with 'g')

SynthethicalY 10.20.2007 02:08 AM

This one because my boyfriend likes him, and want to see what it is all about.


k-krack 10.20.2007 02:25 AM

I've been listening to this Gimme Noise online radio 'the girl' showed me haha.
There's been a small handful of no-good, but a way bigger handful of great (Elliott Smith, The Fall, Frank Black, Deerhoof, Dead Kennedy's, Bowie... etc!)

5Against1 10.20.2007 03:18 AM

Here Comes Sickness - Mudhoney

MellySingsDoom 10.20.2007 04:03 AM

Flipper - Generic Flipper

SYRFox 10.20.2007 05:02 AM


Mogwai - Ten Rapid

Right now: Ithica 27 O 9 : incredibly good. This track is PERFECT

Torn Curtain 10.20.2007 06:37 AM

Bert Jansch, John Renbourn & Danny Thompson - Open Air Festival, Gandino, Bergamo, Italy, August 5th 1990 (from dime)

SYRFox 10.20.2007 06:44 AM


andrei 10.20.2007 06:50 AM


Thanks to Sheriff Rhys Chatham. I didn't know Peter Brotzmann has a son and it's that good.

Dead-Air 10.20.2007 01:55 PM

I'm at the radio station about to go on so I have the AM on KBCS, which we lease our signal from starting with my show and "My Life" by Billy Joel is playing and then on our computerized automix in the other room "Oh Boy" by Buddy Holly is playing.

I'm starting in 5 minutes with Jandek though...

Torn Curtain 10.20.2007 03:49 PM

Suzanne Vega - World cafe Philadelphia, PA, August 20, 2007 FM (from dime)

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