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demonrail666 09.10.2009 11:05 AM


the big quasar 09.10.2009 11:23 AM

classic, I'm playing this ATM


stu666 09.10.2009 12:00 PM

a very old skool ltj bukem / ellis dee fantazia tape.

loubarret 09.10.2009 12:17 PM


stu666 09.10.2009 12:36 PM


the big quasar 09.10.2009 01:30 PM


finding nobody 09.10.2009 01:39 PM


pretty good so far

Elder. 09.10.2009 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by loubarret

Pretty solid though I prefer the full length.

loubarret 09.10.2009 01:55 PM

The Zep cover rocks so freaking heard.

I perfer the ep.

noisereductions 09.10.2009 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by finding nobody

pretty good so far

I think I'm gonna pick this up today. I can't wait any longer!

Bytor Peltor 09.10.2009 03:49 PM


Found my old cassette I purchased back when this came out. Going to enjoy as I drive my youngest daughter to dance.

Torn Curtain 09.10.2009 03:50 PM

Gainsbourg imperial - 04 set 2009 Teatro Paulo Autran SESC Pinheiros Sao Paulo (fro mdime)

king_buzzo 09.10.2009 03:52 PM

Fugazi - 3 Songs

sonic sphere 09.10.2009 04:37 PM


TheDom 09.10.2009 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by finding nobody

pretty good so far

WOAH its out??????

right now i got minor threat on shweeeeet

gmku 09.10.2009 05:14 PM

The World Cafe.

On the raydee oh.

gmku 09.10.2009 05:22 PM

Ha ha, OK, so now it's like Ziggy Marley all over the World Cafe so I'm switching to Sticky Fingers. Rock and roll.

gmku 09.10.2009 05:30 PM


it's just that demon life...

Zombie Robot 09.10.2009 05:30 PM


gmku 09.10.2009 05:32 PM

"Wild Horses"

chaailldhoood livin is eeeasy to dooo

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