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noisereductions 09.17.2016 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by Severian
Uh huh, how bout De La and Keith though?

or Com's Resurrection?

Severian 09.18.2016 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
or Com's Resurrection?

Tit for tat

noisereductions 09.18.2016 11:35 AM


louder 09.18.2016 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by Severian
Uh huh, how bout De La and Keith though?


Severian 09.18.2016 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions

Hey, I re-bought the album bra. At this point I've revisited the whole thing. I like it just fine, but I might just hold my full opinion hostage until you get around to checking out these albums. ;)

noisereductions 09.18.2016 04:24 PM

All good. I will work on it.

noisereductions 09.18.2016 10:38 PM

one last note about my Illmatic X Resurrection thing... Illmatic has Nas' dad on "Life's a Bitch," and Resurrection has "Pop's Rap." And both records are (almost) devoid of guests. Just saying.

Severian 09.19.2016 04:20 PM

Holy shit Kanye is right around the corner. Getting real y'all.

pepper_green 09.19.2016 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by Severian
HEY, ALL Y'ALL... I'm talking to everyone, here.


the only time I've helped a senior is when I've helped him/her braf up a lung into a bucket. is your futherfucklife written out or is it unknown until the next second?

I like to think someone should kick me in the balls if I was an aging old man. cherry on top to add wit the pain of living.

louder 09.20.2016 11:42 AM

And the beef between The Game and Meek Mill continues..

louder 09.20.2016 11:48 AM

Hol' up hol' up.. The Game absolutely MURDERED this shit.

Severian 09.21.2016 10:27 AM

Feature Magnetic is a really good fucking album, guys.

SFAD: I think you in particular might really enjoy this one. It's a bit of a no-frills (for Keith anyway) rap-rap album, the kind that you seem to favor over the more conceptual, multilayered, producer-heavy records.

I know we're all pretty impressed with Game's recent run of pure-rap records, and the fact that he simply seems to be taking advantage of a period of high-energy to make something of a come back when just a few years ago most of us thought he was going to fizzle out with "White Marshall Mathers" carved into his headstone. But Keith really deserves some applause here as well.

Back in the early '10s, I was pretty sure Kool Keith was never going to drop another truly masterful record. I really wanted that Dr. Oc/Black Elvis/Dr. Dooom Keith back, that dude who constantly developed new identities and ideas so far removed from the rest of hip-hop as to seem almost alien. I certainly didn't think releasing albums as "just" Kool Keith would get him anywhere. Thought he was out of ideas or out of gas.

But with last year's Time? Astonishing! he really hit a home run with a short, efficient rap album that had all the sonic markings of the more spaced out, intergalactic adventures of yore, without being beholden to any schtick or character. He found a good rhythm with L'Orange, and they just made a great, energetic indie rap record together. It was a total win.

Feature Magnetic has a bit less of the sci-fi vibe... the production is more straight forward, beat oriented, but it's just as good. Perhaps even better. I won't know until I have more time to digest it all.

But seriously, back when I first joined SYG officially, and started talking hip-hop with you cats, all I wanted was for Keith to hit back and continue his legacy with a couple classics in this decade. At that time, I was still very much a Keith/Wu/Doom/Del/Cannibal
Ox bro, embittered about most of the popular hip-hop of the era. Now, clearly, things are different. My tastes have morphed and changed big time, thanks in no small part to these threads. But I still rank Kool Keith among the most influential hip-hop artists of my life. How can I not? His golden period soundtracked my teen years, and he was among the first solo rappers that I was able to get deeply, seriously into.

Now I feel like that's happened. And even though my priorities have changed (I'm no longer about watching the clock, wishing for my '90s faves to return, having become more interested in the great work that's being made in the present (2010-now). I've found in Kanye, Chance, Kendrick and Pusha-T and A$AP Rocky a family of modern (maybe not the right word, but you get me) rappers that are making just as big an impact on me now as Keith and Del and Doom, Wu and OutKast and Tribe, HOV and Nas did back then.

But I still feel vindicated by Keith's work over the last year and a half. I mean, when Del finally answered my prayers by making Deltron II, it ended up being a pretty sad affair all things considered... and yet Keith has blown me away, not by trying to recreate Dr. Octagonecologist (thank god), but by just being Kool Keith as fuck.
These two Keith albums have been fucking fantastic, and I really hope y'all can find the time to check out Feature Magnetic (and Time? Astonishing! if you haven't already), so Keith can get some credit for making such killer albums after so many years in the game.

louder 09.21.2016 10:36 AM

Shawty Lo was killed today in a car accident.

RIP :(

Severian 09.21.2016 10:47 AM


Kool Keith - Feature Magnetic. Out now. Listen to it.

It's rare that an album comes out that has any chance of being palatable to all the café regulars equally. Like, really rare. What NR and Louder and I are usually on the same page, but we often don't see exactly eye to eye. And SFAD, you're kind of in your own little world over there bro. Only a few times a year does anything drop that you actually enjoy, though when that does happen it usually overlaps with a few of us pretty well. And Rob.. well.. Rob doesn't like Pac OR BIG. Kendrick or Kanye. Loves him some Future and Thug though.

Still, I think we all love Kool motherfucking Keith.

So let's all listen to this album and talk about it and maybe even, I dunno, agree with each other about it. Yeah?

Severian 09.21.2016 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by louder
Shawty Lo was killed today in a car accident.

RIP :(

Yeah, I heard. That's super sad. RIP Shawty.

But don't let your grief blind you to the new Kool Keith record!

louder 09.21.2016 12:13 PM

I'll listen to it.

Rob Instigator 09.21.2016 12:45 PM

Hey I like Kendrick. His albums are good. They just don't get the party jumpin'. ha! Now I gotta live with the fact that my wife spins Schoolboy Q.

Rob Instigator 09.21.2016 02:11 PM

The new Kool Keith is enjoyable, listened to it at lunch. I would need to spin it several more times. sometimes to me "old-school" beats just sound "dated." I am not nostalgic for those boom bap beats....

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 09.21.2016 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
Hey I like Kendrick. His albums are good. They just don't get the party jumpin'. ha! Now I gotta live with the fact that my wife spins Schoolboy Q.

i agree Kendrick doesn't quite have that patented Westcoast boogie

louder 09.21.2016 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by SuchFriendsAreDangerous
i agree Kendrick doesn't quite have that patented Westcoast boogie

He doesn't. He's more like Nas in a way.. but not quite.

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